Does this make sense?

in the ever popular debate of Conveyor vs Deck it always seems that the complaints with teh conveyour pizza is that it isn’t cooked enough.Well to me it seems like most conveyor pizzas are cooked for 6 or 7 minutes with the deck pizzas 9 or 10.Doesn’t it make sense to just lengthen the time it is in the conveyor and should produce a better cook?Also deck it on the belt for the last 30 secs and crisp it up a little.
The decks I was planning on buying fell through so now looking BACK AT The LI 1450’s.

You’re talking about using forced hot air vs ambient hot air. You’re talking about a hot pizza stone vs a heated pan. You’re talking a room-temp pan entering a hot oven vs a room temp pizza being tossed on a hot rock.

Would you put your burger on a grill and then light it?

stirring the embers…

I’ve used decks & conveyors…both are good @ what they do…what do you & your customers want?

Decks will give you a crisper crust, ala a NY style pie, that needs a better trained/skilled oven tender…

Conveyors will give you the popular PapaJohn style of pie…

What does the market demand?

I prefer the CTX infrared oven, as I believe it combines the best of both options, but hey, what do I know?

you can set up the conveyor oven to cook a pizza that is just as crisp and very close to quality of a deck. you take out all of the top heat fingers and cook it a bit longer. however if you do this you can only cook that 1 style of pizza in that oven. it won’t bake a thicker pizza, or wings, or calzones, and many other items we throw in the ovens. if all you have to cook is NY style round pies… go ahead. my guess is though that most pizza shops need it to do more, so you sacrifice some of the desired characteristics of the pizza so that all things can be consistent.

I don’t know about that I had to remove the top fingers once to fit in a turkey I needed to bake for Thanksgiving.

As far as “decking it on the belt” that makes not a bit of sence at all. Although the belt is the same temp as the rest of the oven, and will not convey that heat like a stone will.

Weighing in again on this subject:

In the last 20 years thousands of operators have switched from deck to conveyor ovens.
These people were not Idiots. They were and are proud of their product. They would not have switched if the could not get exactly the results they desired.
I do not state that the conveyor bakes a better product, just that properly adjusted the conveyor can duplicate any product. In doing thousands of demonstrations we never failed to duplicate the operators product to their satesfaction.
George Mills