Does this quote for delivery insurance seem good?

Called my insurance guy to get a quote.

Delivery Drivers only @ $70k/yr total payroll (Everybody who works there can deliver) - $5,335

Drivers separate from other restaurant workers ($20k for drivers, $50k for restaurant workers) - $2,937

This is in addition to the $300 a month I pay for the other insurance and work comp.

I would really love some feedback on these prices.

I think hired non owned is commonly quoted based on delivery sales as opposed to delivery payroll. I think the best way to see if these are good prices is to shop it around with a few agents, especially ones that are very familiar with writing for pizza delivery. Look in the back of PMQ or the other magazine to get some numbers to call.

That is the way ours works too. They ask us how much our total sales are, what % is delivery and what is our average ticket. They also want to know our delivery radius and operating hours.

Freddy, the rates quoted look normal to me except that I wish my delivery insurance was only 3K!

My insurance company doesn’t ask any questions. I just pay the premiums.

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