Dominoes and Pizza Hut pizza sizes

Im possibly moving in right across the street from a dominoes and not to far from a pizza hut… what are the sizes of their pizza?? Im going to try to beat them at their own game when i first move in just to get people into the door of my place…

Medium, Large, x-large?

Pizza hut has medium and large pizzas, they also have personal pans. In some locations they have small pizzas. Dominos has medium and large. Both places run promotions from time to time with extra large pizzas but don’t keep them on the menu all the time.

yeah but what szes are they … large= 14 inch??? medium= 12 inch?

Personal pans are 6 inch, small is 9 inch, medium is 12 inch and large is 14 inch

dominos medium is 12 inch and their large is 14 inch.

Good luck