SO a little background, we are in a multi tenant unit, L shaped
we are one end and around the corner domino’s is one the other.
Today during our lunch rush a MANAGER holding a sign for their 5.99 pizza
walked up and stood on my sidewalk right in front of my store with a full dine-in
I unfortunately lost a gasket went over to the store and told the girl behind the counter that if the person holding the sign steps in front of my store again that I will make sure I keep all my employees holding signs in front of his store reminding them of the debacle with there 2 star employees. Not to mention the illegal banners that are up. then turned around and came back to my store. I then called the sister store owned by an Arabic man (owns both) who informs me in the worst broken English. It’s a free country and he did nothing illegal.
25 minutes late a police officer shows up and says they called them and said I was a nuisance for telling the girl behind the counter…(didnt know the manager was holding the sign outside or I would have said something to him.)
I KNOW I need to step back and not do anything drastic but man I have a lot of ideas running thru my head
like a guy wearing a red and blue shirt with blue hat in front of there store saying give us a chance no more snot on your pizza. Or find some way to expose that the store is (as politically correct as possible) not American owned.
The town I am in is very patriotic for the most part. I know that it would be at least a kick to them.
unfortunately my wife is demanding we take the high road. Which I know is the right thing to do but I am not LIKING it at all…I would even consider asking to PAY little Caesars to stand in front of his store all day friday…
neither one of these two are really a competitor, Its just the principle of what happened.

I assume they were standing in the vicinity of your store but advertising their products - nothing to stop them doing this, and nothing to stop you adversing your products in the vicinity of their store.

Once someone (them/you) start holding posters about the competition’s store/products/snot/rumours etc then that’s a lot different. I’d keep well away from that one especially as their legal team is a lot bigger than yours!

I did some marketing on a street corner a while back and a small sub store took offence and came out and told me I couldn’t stand there. I ask her why and she said as it was hurting her business. I only planned on doing it for an odd day but made sure we went every day for the rest of the week!

Noting wrong with health competition but beware of slander etc that’s a whole new ball game.

And make sure you stay clear of anything that could be taken as an “assault”…And that can be “verbal” or “physical”…As frustrating their activities are, there is more of a downside if you get in legal trouble…Good luck…

vicinity no, on my handicap ramp…wow so if something actually happens its slander…

They sound a bit desperate. Take the high road as a customer I would think dominoes was nuts.

We are somewhat on a corner and dominoes is about a block on the other street they on occassion hold a sign at the corner which is about 50 feet from our place. They do it a couple of days and then quit. Usually the one holding the sign has as much enthusiasm as a hibernating bear. I would keep a lighter side with your customers and use it to my advantage if someone brings it up. Along the lines of if you serve that stuff you would be desperate to come down here and get customers etc.

Keep your cool and confidence.


I had almost the exact same thing happen with LC a couple of weeks ago. Their sign shaker was in our parking lot. I had amost the same reaction and unloaded on their shift manager or whatever her title was. They are not located in our complex but are a couple of hundred yards away. She said the shaker person was supposed to have gone to the corner by the traffic light and that she did not know they were in our lot. I told her if it happened again, I would return the favor by marketing to cars in their lot and drive-thru.
It has not happened again, but two weeks later, a hair place in their complex was having an event of some kind and invited other merchants in the complex to participate. LC declined. Since their manager buys from us he came and asked me to participate and hand out coupons and samples. I would have loved to but I would have been set up almost directly in front of LC and that would have been really hipocritical after getting ticked off at them for marketing in front of my store so I declined and explained why, the guy got a good laugh out of it.

I totally understand how mad you got. My first thought was to put a cartopper on my blazer and go park sideways in their drivethrough until they recalled their people. My son, of all people, talked me down from that one.


banner . . . . large letters . . … outside your store . . . or on a sign for when the yo-ho’s come a-calling again . . . .

“We replace $10 pizzas . . . BECAUSE TASTE MATTERS”

. . . go Big Dave geurilla on them and offer to your customers to replace their pizza if they decide to try DOM new recipe and are appalled. Get it out of their systems and let the world behold the fast and cheap pizza. You gotta have a rea ltight ship and jam-up product . . . but you already have that going on anyway.

Start a promotion to accept Dominoes coupons for a specific offer . . . “redeem any coupon from DOM to get $2 off a QUALITY PIE from Rockstar Pizza.”

Lots of ways to ratchet up the heat, but be ready for the backlash and onslaught if/when they fire up their marketing machine. Heck, hand out flyers in the parking lot out front of their store, or nearby, with one or more of these offers.

Mostly, just standing out there yourself . . . right next to the yo-ho shaking the sign, shaking hands with customers and handing out flyers or holding your own sign with big offer. I suspect that just having you stand in front of the sign guy will make your point and mke him very uncomfortable. Owner versus Manager. Your home turf gives you the big sign on the building advantage.

I find this topic kinda interesting. I suspect EVERYONE on this board wants to market their shop in the most effective way they can.

You guys are obviously threatened by Domino’s marketing in the vicinity of your shop so WHY on earth aren’t you or more importantly haven’t you been similar before they did it. Effectively they’re out marketing you already!

Sign shaking (or whatever you want to call it) is a basic marketing tool and if they are actively doing this and you ain’t then don’t throw a tizzy over it just get on an do it yourself!

i don’t see anyone throwing a tizzy and personally i see it as unethical to stand in front of another business and promote your goods. i get the free country and all thing but really it’s a crappy thing to do.

unless the cop’s are now doing ‘ethical’ policing I’d think that was rather a good example. :roll:

I’d agree about the un ethical nature of specifically standing in front of a competitors shop and as I mentioned above I’d also be VERY wary of having any sign which mentioned them, their product or started a marketing war.

Its far better IMO to play to your strengths rather than a competitors weakness unless of course you know how deep the other guys pockets are or how big his creative genius is!

If this thread was a ‘Domino’s is coming to my block’ there would be a whole host of suggestions about what to do, when Domino’s does the same things back to someone on here then its seen in a whole different light - just look at the advice given to wa dave when a competitor comes to his area.

Just a thought!

We do have sign shakers, and they stay on the corner, never going down to there store. But I never had let them go down to there store because I had thought this to be a classless act. FIRST AND FOREMOST this post was for venting and so I wouldn’t act out and make a bad decision. I never had considered their pizza competition, but now that I have read some of the bill board signs I think that is a great idea to do something like that on a sign shaker. also I am going to do coupons to everyone that goes into there store. Better yet this Friday I am going to hand out free small pizzas to all there customers saying YOU compare. What do you think about that?

Hire a “spinner” on a piece work basis…Get him/her to hand out coupons and pay them for each one redeemed…

As far as doing “classless” things…These days many business owners are in dire straits and doing what they need to do to eat…Really hard to find much fault with that…Given the choice of pissing off a neighbour or feeding my family, I know what I would likely do…

So you didn’t do it before as it was ‘classless’ but now you’ve had time to think about it its a great idea!! and now not only will you banner shake outside their shop you’ll actively interact with their customers by giving them vouchers and free pizza. Nice turnaround!

  1. Discuss the issue with your landlord (assuming it’s the same one as Dominos). Let the landlord handle it.

  2. Notify Domino’s corporate office. The behavior reflects poorly on their brand.

  3. Only if neither of the above work… Make sure that on those coupons you have something stating “American owned and operated!”.

And don’t forget the ever putting off line of “What do you call a hungry idiot with $6”… a Domino’s customer…

I agree with Snowman. Contact the two first and see what they say.

Take the high road and stay calm… if anything hire someone to have a sign that gets more visibility than them (maybe right by a busy interaction close by)… \

Try to be more creative than them, they seem to be followers… meaning if you drop your price, they will drop their price, if you paint your walls orange, they will too…

They can never lead and get new business if they are always worried about what you are doing… while everything you are doing is first so you will get the first, and majority response…

Absolutely the high road Ron, the way your building is laid out you could do some real visible but non-“back biting looking to the general public” that should get the point across. Weren’t you looking at a billboard on the outside of his shop at one time or am I remembering wrong? If that’s still available think of the fun you could have with a “we cure the $10 pizza” campaign!

I’m of the opinion we don’t need to stress the $5.99 guys unless our is only worth $4.99.

ok, so its been a couple months and things have calmed down, BUT I still have a desire to stick it to Dominoes, I did a “permitted” banner ,meaning I had to get a permit and pay the 30.00…I copied a great one from here that said “say no to corporate cardboard” today is there customer appreciation week and they have a huge 4 ft by 8ftarrow sign in front of the store medium pizza $3.99 and yard signs all over town, I went over to our town hall and of course no permits at all.
my question here is this: I am in middle America, I am sure if I could get the information out there that this store is owned by someone from IRAN that doesn’t even live in the state, it would be devastating to them. I really think that it would persuade a lot of people. they may not buy from me maybe papa johns for the cheap low cost pizza, but some how I am ok with this.

Let’s clarify the problem here - is it the banners or is it the fact that someone from “IRAN” owns the store?

If it is that someone from “IRAN” owns the store, then why wasn’t that a problem 8 months ago, a year ago, etc?

Hopefully you’ve had time to think about what you posted and have come to your senses. Badmouthing other businesses just makes you look bad - and badmouthing them because they are owned by someone from another country is pretty bad.

Fact is, local people work there and run the place.

AS much as I like to whine and complain about other businesses, and want to smack them down publicly . . . I have found it is always best to market and advertise my own place and its strengths. Especially when you get into promoting xenophobia or national prejudice, it gets sticky fast.

You will do best in the long run, you will do best highlighting your points of difference and your USP (unique selling points). you want to advertise “locally owned and operated”, “American owned and operated”, “Always Fresh”, “Committed to the Community”, “Doing it right” or whatever . . . . that makes it about you. You sell what you have. You start making vague statements about the ‘other guy’ and it leaves the mind of the customer wandering around trying to put pieces of the puzzle together trying to figure out why it matters. All the time not really thinking about you and your great products. LEAD THEM TO YOUR MESSAGE . . . . REPEAT THAT MESSAGE. THAT MESSAGE BETTER BE A GOOD ONE. Don’t waste time on messages that confuse or misdirect the customer. Tell them what you offer and why they should try it.

There are times for messages contrasting your product with the ‘other guy’s’ . . .but that doesn’t seem to be what you were referring to. And you gotta be very good and very clear about the message.

Let’s clarify the problem here - is it the banners or is it the fact that someone from “IRAN” owns the store?

If it is that someone from “IRAN” owns the store, then why wasn’t that a problem 8 months ago, a year ago, etc?

I just found this out during the sign shaking debacle.
sooo its smart for wal-mart to have signs everywhere that say made in the usa,
and its ok for Ford to do the whole American made.
Not smart for me to point out that every dollar goes out of state and NONE to our community?
I do have an immigrant competitor that lives here in town.
I am just trying to point out that the business stays within the community.
also nick I am sure everyone knows when they go to the national chains mc donalds, pjs pizza hut ITS not here in the community I was trying to make it more personal-able