also I have to disagree I think the billboard post in colorado was brilliant

Your examples are totally different from what you stated above.

Wal-Mart and Ford are talking about the OWN company and products.

You said you were going to talk about Domino’s.

Now, if you wanted to say (as Nick said above), “locally owned and operated” or something like that - of course, that makes good sense. As long as you are talking about your business I think you are fine. But once you start talking about another business, you start to look bad.

Just stay with a positive message. Anything you do negative towards another business I just cannot see as being helpful.

Made in the USA. Locally Owned & Operated. American Tradition. American Quality You Can Trust. All good positive stuff.

I don’t see anything positive coming from “Domino’s has snot in their pizza and sends their money to Iran”.

Gotta agree with Registered Guest. The examples you quote, Rockstar, are totally and clearly different.

You seem to have a major hang up this guy, what started as someone doing marketing close to your store is now about this guy being from Iran. If he is operating a business in the US I’d guess he’d have the legal right to do so. I doubt Domino’s would allow a franchisee who has no legal right to be in or operate a business in the US. If that is the case what is the issue? If everyone in US stopped trading with people because of where they came from well lets be honest you’d all have problems! :o)

Running a business is hard enough without worrying about everyone else business. Concentrate on what you do best. From the way you are coming across on here you sound bitter towards the other guy because he’s from Iran. Having an issue with a competitor because of what they do or how they do it is one thing, having an issue because of their origins is a whole different ball game. Be careful that this doesn’t come across to your customers as this could be the kiss of death to your business.