Domino's Copies Marketing Idea from ThinkTank

I found this will looking for some info on Fire Prevention Week. If I recall right, hasn’t Daddio been doing this for years? I wonder how often they check out the ThinkTank for ideas. … ith%20NFPA

Hey Daddio I had a good ad for you to run with this next time. If I remember right you have the fire dept go out on deliveries to check smoke detectors… well new ad came too mind: " Our pizza is delivered so fresh and HOT that we send the fire dept along for the ride!" :idea:

Having sold magnets to folks who own Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Dominos and Little Caesars stores who found me on Think Tank, I can say with certainly that they all visit TT…A few even post but most just “lurk”…

I am not the only one that does the fire prevention week thing. Scott Anthony from Foxes in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania has been doing it for 10 years. I just have a passion for this cause because of some personal history with fire. I encourage anyone and everyone to do this.

We always think that Papa Johns follows us around to get their new pizza ideas. It never fails…we come up with one and then a couple of months later they come out with something similar. Geez…if they didn’t keep getting their new pizza ideas from us, they would have been out of business a long time ago :lol:

Since opening we have been putting the pressure on our local Dominos. We started Ben+Jerrys, so they started. We have done stuffed crust for years, oh look now they do.

We just play on their marketing, so with the stuffed crust they have banners and flags. Sure, everyone would see stuffed crust on our menu and say ‘Oh you do stuffed crust now, is that because of Dominos?’ but now when they look at our menu they see five different stuffed crusts.

Where would there market leaders be without us to follow? LOL.

The concept of working with the fire department to promote fire safety and properly working smoke alarms has been in the Domino’s marketing handbook since at least the early 1990’s, possibly earlier but this is as early I can testify to. I do not know who originated the idea, but it certainly predates the ThinkTank.

Hats off to anyone coorporate or independent who support this cause.

I would like to think Dominos relationship with local fire depts has to do with their ability to start their own locations on fire with ease…and I am sure that goes way back! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my! It is true fire safety has always played a part in their history. While there have no doubt been many Dominos to burn to the ground (based on scale), I believe Mike is at least partially referencing an incident in the late 60’s or early 70’s (I want to say 1969, but not sure on the details) when the flagship and original Cross St location in Ypsillanti, MI burned to the ground. The facility also served as the headquarters for the fledgling company and had contained all of it’s paperwork. But of course the killer aspect of the story is that they were either uninsured, or extremely underinsured and very little was recovered. This was almost the end for Dominos and it no doubt endeared them to the cause of fire safety.

That one is news too me but I remember growing up in Chicago that in the late 70s-80s there seemed to be a lot of pizza delcos that went up in flames…not just Dominos. Ovens can do that in all industries and not just the pizza world. We just had a bagel shop go up downtown that turned into a 5 alarm fire with 11 different cities sending equipment for the response. Damn sushi place survived but my bagels are gone! Life is not fair!!! :frowning: