Dominos in the news … ew-ad-spot

Good article - funny thing to me is that Crispin Porter & Bogusky enjoys my pizza while doing the ads for Dominos as the office that handles the Dominos account is in Boulder Colorado 2 blocks from one of my stores. They go to the Longmont Dominos to film many product shots.

Anyway - my take is who are they trying to fool into thinking they are some “artisan pizza” expert. They stretch a 10" dough ball out to a retangle and let it dry out a bit before they apply some oil and then the toppings.

What’s you take?

It’s the $7.99 advertised price paired with the “artisan” label that creates the disconnect in my mind more than anything else. Although, our local one peddles $5 pizzas so maybe $8 is premium pricing in the eyes of their customers?