Dominos is going to be delivering Haagen Daz Ice Cream

The free pint offer is a standing offer special we have used for 9 years. There is a coupon for it on our box top and in various places around town where coupons can be found. The locals know to ask for it and don’t need a coupon. We give away most of them. When we sell one it tends to be because they wanted more than one. During our high season we might give away 15 per night. Our winter ave ticket is $34 so 15 X 34 so the orders associated with the offer would be about $510. Cost therefor is $40.50 which comes to 8% cost on the offer. My impression is that I would have to give about $60-$75 in discounts to produce the same response rate if I approached it that way.

That makes sense at your price point.

I can imagine that most pizza places cannot afford to give the 2.50 unless the ticket average is 25 and higher.

Again, about the only local firm that gives the freebie is Garlic Jims who has the margin to work with.

Also, your demographic really would appreciate that kind of freebie.

A lot depends on your pricing model. If a store is promoting with discount offers it is worth a close look to see if a value added approach might attract a different customer or simply work better. Our price model is built to assume a certain amount of discount or value in the sale of pizza. The bottom line for me is that I can give a “dscount” or coupon promotion that involves a discount of $2-3 but the value added appoach works better, keeps the ticket average up and in the end comes out the same on net profit. It does raise food cost somewhat, but it does NOT decrease the bottom line compared to a discount equal to the cost of the value added item given away. Food cost (and other costs) are important and you need to track and manager them, but they should not be confused with the unltimate goal; the bottom line.

My favourite ice cream story is about the little furniture store that was located in close proximity to 2 large competitors…They had a freezer of ice cream by the door and gave folks a quart of ice cream as they left…That way they had to go home rather than going to shop at the 2 others stores…All this talk of Haagen Daaz had me running to the store late last night…

John, check your pm - I’d like to talk to you direct - I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on a dipping cabinet & would love some advice from someone who has done it successfully. Thanks

I met with the Edy’s/Haagen Daz rep today who told me that Dominos will be test marketing ice cream in south Florida among other places this summer. I decided to jump on board and beat them to the punch. I’ll be selling pints of Edys next week.

Received an email ad from Dominos about their new ice cream in the denver area and an Advo containing the promotion. They are calling it Pizza and a Pint. Funny thing is I sent out an Advo last month promoting my stores Haagen Dazs and called it Pizza and pint. I guess the good thing is their advertising will help promote my ice cream sales, or so I’m hoping.