Domino's makeline I bought a new with shipping damage 120" Randell Domino’s makeline that I plan to use in my new store. There are three pieces that I assume are part of the grate system that I can’t figure out. They are bent at a 45°angle and the ends are cut to about 120°. Picture attached. Anyone have any idea what these are for?

Those are the deflectors. They set between the pins on the prep rail. They keep the topping from falling in between the the catch pans

what a cool set up!

Thanks Pirate, I thought that might be their purpose but there’s only 3 for 5 grates. I guess one got lost in this tables journey.

You can order them. I think has them. They are a lot though. I want to say they are more than $50 each.

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Here it is $68

Nice score.
Opening a new shop myself and kind of wanted one of those but they were $13K delivered.
Had many of them over my years w. DP- that exact one as my last.
Ended up with a 114" Delfield which I think will be fine. ($10K)
And yes, they are deflectors.

I got lucky and found this for $2000. It’s brand new but played the roll of a pinball in a semi. I’ll probably replace one of the doors and I need a hinge for the compressor cover. Other than that, it’s good to go. Are these tables available to the general public or just to Domino’s franchisees? If they are available, I have a feeling that a few others in our franchise will buy one.

They are not available. Dominos has them locked down pretty well. They have to be delivered directly to a dominos location. I just keep my eye out for them and pick them up used or damaged here and there. I have an extra one in storage right now. Once you use one of these units for a while you will never want to go back to the stock units. They are designed for high volume and efficiency. One of our locations does 70k a week and I don’t see how we could do that without these units.

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The downfall of these units is that they can get a nearly in repairable refrigerant leak. That is why you see old used ones pop up for sale real cheap. The only possible fix is you have your refer guy fill it with a refrigerant that contains a sealer and hope for the best. Sometimes it takes 2 to 3 refills before the sealant works.

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We used to buy refurbished Domino’s Delfield makelines with refrigerated grates from Northern Pizza Equipment many years ago. They had way too many fans that would go bad as well as refrigeration leaks. Great makelines when they were working but we eventually went to more reliable regular units with locally made grates. I’m hoping this one I bought will work and be as user friendly as the old Delfields.

What I found odd (or interesting) when (almost) ordering the Randell is they have a “grate and drawer” option that essentially makes their standard ML into a DP one.
I had good luck with Delfield and Randell, so we’ll see.
I hope that “brand new” will buy me 10 years.
Friend of mine just offered me his 8’ Randell for free but when you hit 12+ years I think they are needy.

I purchased the grate and drawer option for a unit a few years ago. They are pretty crappy. They are a good 2k or more and it wasn’t even a year before the welds started breaking apart on it ( spot welds ). We set up the stores with 2 makelines next to each other so we use it as the second unit. Mainly wings and salads. Works fine for that.

Top rail leak?

Happens in other models with the same top rail style. Sealed and unrepairable. Might happen in a year, a few years or never.

Interesting. And BS at that price.
I don’t quite get that whole top rail situation. I am familiar with it but find it unacceptable. I’ve been lucky- Delfields and Randells for 10-15 years but… I’d be pissed if that happened.

Northern pizza equipment also sells an in house grate and pan set up. It’s more in the neighborhood of $600. I haven’t tried it.

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