Dominos managers torch Papa Johns

Holy cow, and I thought my market was competitive. This happened about 40 miles north of me. … hn-s-store

Some of the jokes floating around town after this was the top front page article in the newspaper:

How many Domino’s managers does it take to burn a Papa Johns down with a molotov cocktail?
Two… One to create a new molotov cocktail recipe and one to throw it.

Papa Johns daily special… Fire Roasted pizza

Papa Johns just couldn’t “avoid the Noid” any longer.

Nice story. In college while I worked for the local Domino’s, the Pizza Hut on campus burned down. Some sort of kitchen fire, but everybody asked me where I stored the gas cans I used.

All I can say is WOW!

Oh they were just delivery drivers impersonating managers! :stuck_out_tongue: