Dominos Philly Cheesesteak pizza How could they serve this?

WTF is with this crust? This is what was sold to me today. Did someone have the runs on my crust?


Looks can be deceiving. How did the pizza taste :lol:.


Not much meat on the Philly but it was OK. We also got a half cheese and half pepperoni to try their “new” pizza. The cheese had very little flavor, but seemed to melt together better than their cheese used to. Their sauce didn’t seem any different than it used to be. The dough was very soft, almost like eating off of a slice of bread. The edge of the crust was tasty with the garlic butter. It was pretty salty but still enjoyable. All in all the only differences I could detect was the garlic butter on the crust and a better melt for their cheese. Hardly seems like a total revamp.

Thats just plain nasty.

'nuff said.

I lmao at that pic

:lol: . I don’t understand what that brown stuff is …

Send in your pictures to head office and see what they say!!

That looks terrible, even if it tasted ok the presentation is shocking. It looks like it was sauced by the (take my strong hand child) guy from scary movie 2 lol.

Is that black stuff actual food or is it just burnt?

It’s burnt american cheese. Checked there menu, they put prov & american. American cheese burns fast, we put american cheese on the bottom of our cs pizza & prov on top. If not it would burn like the picture :stuck_out_tongue: . They made it wrong or they just dont care.What

Right on.

what do they use for a base red, white oil sauce ???

I am a 315 pound man and there’s not a whole lot that I won’t eat. But if I saw a pizza like that I think I’d pass.