Dominos Pizza Autocheeser on Ebay

I have seen many posts regarding the Domino’s pizza autocheeser on the think tank so I figured I would post a link to this one that I saw on ebay. I am NOT the seller, just trying to help out those in this forum who have been seeking one of these. … dZViewItem

Cool! I want it.

Is it true it only works on 14" pizzas?

I was also under that impression, but recently had someone tell me that it works on their XLP 16" extra large pizza. It’s been 14 years since I used one, I’m just not sure anymore.

I guess it really doesn’t solve the portion control issue does it? Since you still need a human measuring the amount that goes in the big cool machine.

From what I see, they use a standard white cup to load the cheese into the cheeser, and it “fans” it out (distributes it) evenly on the pie.

That’s what the “automatic” part of this is…the even distribution.

I have always been able to spread out my cheese evenly just shaking the cup…and if there is a mountain or a bald spot, either spreading out the mountain, or giving the pie a quick “twist” for a bald spot…and it doesn’t require that much effort.

Not saying this is a bad idea, so if you’re thinking about buying it…I’m not saying you shouldn’t.

I am just letting those know that like the above poster, it isn’t about portion controlling, it’s about even distribution.

My question to the seller: What’s the largest size pizza this machine can cheese?

Sellers response to my question:

im pretty sure you can do an extra large