Domino's Pizza Nederland


A Dominos not far from us was in the paper the other week about putting in a fleet of electric scooters for delivery.
The story also said that the store has recharge ponints for customers to charge their units for FREE.
They were pushing the “green theme” in the story.
Just wonder how long before people start complaining about their delivered pizzas being all on side of the box after delivery drivers corner at too much of an angle to the ground or hooning around zig zagging etc?
None the less cheap to buy and run.

Have a look here
I really want to buy one of these for delivery.
Runs on fresh air
Yes Air

I use scooters. We call them bikes here, though.

There are no problems at all with pizza shifting. Doesn’t happen, Dave. They’re very convenient, easy to use to get around in rush hour traffic, take up less space parking and are very economical compared to cars. I have two and three wheel types.