Domino's Subs?

I came across a new Domino’s ad promoting their subs. Anyone had them yet? A quick google search brought quite a few things up, like complements on the Wall St. Network[/url], an [url=]interesting blog post[/url], and of course [url=]my own post.

Are they out in all markets?

Yeah out here they been promoting them like crazy via commercials… Its been a couple weeks now.

I’ve been seeing them promoted for months here in the midwest. I believe Pizza Market Place just sent an email with a link to a story about the Dominos vs. Subway war that is starting.

The subs in their commercials look horrible, by the way.


This was the first video to come up. They look a bit greasy, but for what you are getting? A toasted bun with melted cheese and toppings? A bit of grease on the box and overflowing toppings wouldn’t turn me off at all.

We’re having decent success w/our baked subs - calling them “melts” - we are floor proofing dough (Pillsbury 12") from Sam’s & baking it in our MM360’s…

we use some of our pie toppings plus some sliced deli meats & run it thru, cut it in 1/2 & put it in a styro…

Food cost is a bit higher, but increased customer base - especially @ lunch

If the market is shrinking, your competitors will do what they can to take market share from where ever they can get it…In past recessions (I hate that word!) companies that were aggressive in their marketing survived and came out very strong…Dominos and other chains are not going to let up…

I had one in Florida last month. They arent that bad. On the italian they put pretty good amount of topping just some arent what we usually put on(green peppers (olives) but was good not a whole lot of mest(thickness) but had ham salami and giant pepperoni. Ham was just the ham topping cubes 1"x1" they have for pizzas not slices of ham

I love it, I’ve seen about a 30% increase in our sandwich sales since they’ve started this blitz. All I have to do is put the phrase “oven baked sandwiches” in front of people and all the work Dominos has been doing gets combined with our reputation for quality food.

Can I say again, that the sandwiches I see on the Dominos commercials look really awful? Anyone else feel the same?

I sure miss Schlotzkys. Man… :cry:

Here’s a taste test that I found.

Seems like Subway is in danger…

ps. man would I love this sort of FREE advertising!! :slight_smile:

You guys aren’t the only ones seeing a bump in relation to subs. That blog post got a record number of hits. 600% over my previous record.

It is creating a bit of buzz I guess.

Pizza places have been doing these for years. We call them “pizza bread” and “hot subs” and “oven toasted, open SANGWICH” (sorry, thats the Chiccccago coming out)

“Take something old and make it new again” Who said that?