Domino's to offer hot sandwiches

Domino’s Pizza rolls out hot oven-baked sandwiches
Looking to increase their lunch business…

Mike/Semperpie briefly mentioned these in his recent post.

So Mike - tell us more!

They actually look very good from what I’ve seen on the web.

If you’re going to be out at the PMQ Orlando Restaurant and Pizza Show, stop by the Tom Lehmann Dough Center to try our version of the Hot sub sandwich. We make it in our air impingement oven using the same set-up as we use for baking our pizzas. It’s a pretty awsome sandwich, and its a quick and easy way to expand your menu by bringing in only one additional item, the hoagie buns.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Dominoes started doing this in our area a couple of months ago. They offer 4 different kinds. Priced reasonably. They have bombarded our area with advertising. I have heard they are good, but haven’t tried one.

Hi Dewar:

Most of our clients sell hot and cold sub style sandwiches. The conveyor ovens they use are great for heating sub sandwiches.

George Mills

I just posted this so folks can be aware of what our national competitors are doing.

You bet!
I wrap mine in a piece of parchment paper and send it through the oven to bake just as I do my regular pizzas (no oven changes, no middle door, just put it in on one end and take it out on the other end). They’re great. I like to call them “oven wrapped sandwiches”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

They are a great addition to our menu. The creative is outstanding and we get a lot of repeat business from them. Word is that our major competition is “not impressed,” but based on my DMA, I would say that’s just “sandwich envy” :lol: .

Mike, are these being made with pizza dough like Hungry Howies, or with a regular hoagie roll?

Why wrapped in parchment paper?

No need for any special pans, the paper holds the sandwich together for a much neater presentation, it also allows the sandwich to take a set with all of the meats and veggies, making it easier to handle/eat, and the parchment paper helps to control the amount of bake the sandwich gets, allowing me to bake it right along with my pizzas.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

So you put the whole sandwich including lettuce, tomatoes and everything in together?

No, we took the lead from McDonalds and put the lettuce on after it comes from the oven. The tomato though does go through the oven. If we use any salad dressing, we also put that on at the same time as the lettuce.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

we get Pillsbury dough from Sam’s (12") & proof & bake using baquette pans (I used 2 make my own dough, but…)

we bake it in the conveyor & freeze some as a reserve…

then we mimic Quizno’s of sorts…split the bread, put on condiments/meats/cheeses then 2 minutes open-face in the conveyor, top with LTO, cut & box…

the bread crisps just a bit while heating the meat & melting the cheese…faster than dipping it like Q does, or using a micro…

What really amazes me is the success Subway is having with their footlongs. They bake their rolls fresh (frozen product proofed) and just about everything else is frozen with the exception of the vegetables and coldcuts. The little frozen pizza is horrible and they sell!


Just goes to show ya…Pizza Rocks!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

im right next to a dominoes, they WERE closed for lunch because we were killing them…
they were made to open back up becase of the new subs (geuss corparate made them)…loosing money durring day
we have 20 different oven baked subs KILLING HIM…love it
ps mike just bought 1000 door hangers today love teh idea of tagging each side of a delivery…it says YOUR NEIGHBOR JUST ORDERED PIZZA! I put just a few discounts on there to get them in the door…we will keep you informed.

Just tried a Domino’s sandwich last night.

It wasn’t…terrible…It just seemed rather small in comparison to our own subs. Glad I got some Chicken Kickers to go with it.

But then we make our sub bread from a 3/4lb dough ball that we form and let rise for a few hours before baking it.

Also there’s a little Italian deli just down the street from us, owned and run exclusively by a father and son team. Their subs are awesome in both size and taste. One of their “half” subs is enough to fill me up. Mmmm capicola/mortadella with extra provolone and the works!!! I think I just talked myself into where I’m going for lunch tomorrow.

I read Dominos used to sell subs long time ago and then they stopped.

I tried Steak Sub today and it wasn’t any good. So little steak, green pepper was still raw.

I think Dominos is in wrong path, unlike Papa Johns which is more up to date with their new line of Gourmet Pizzas, Wheat crust……etc, not subs.

Dominos is trying to increase the sales and for short term it will work because of customers tryouts. But eventually they will drop the subs again. It will increase their food cost and maybe little labor cost. Not to mention it is opposite of simplicity of Dominos Concept.

But I really like their come back of 30 minutes delivery time .

Am I mistaken, or didn’t Dominos sell hot subs in the past.

Seems like I got a product with pepperoni and salami from them before???