donate 10% of sales to Haiti ???

Wouldn’t it just be easier to state ‘our restaurant supports so and so organization to support haiti in this desire of need. A portion of our profits is donated’.


thank you, everyone for helping me find the best way to do this. i understood that donating 50 or 100% is the only way to go and what i originally thought as a well persived idea - will not look as such, so the best thought i read was - to have a day at which i will donate 50 to 100% of sales, say, on mondays. now, how is that going to be percieved? - people not going to say -why wont you donate all your friday sales? probably not, but i am a bit concerned now how seemingly good thing can be seen as negative by others, and even if just a small group of my customers will see it as such - i should probably better off not doing it. Now, i am thinking about doing it for maybe next 8 mondays, and understand that donating all proceeds is much better than half, but keeping half would really help me pull this off, what do you think? i also thought of this - instead of ringing up orders and charging them, and than donating … well maybe i should just have a big bowl sitting on a counter and people just put whatever they think there order is worth or even whatever they feel like donating or not donating, i will not be forcing them to put anything in a bowl, and at the end of the night whatever is there - donated, but what if some people take advantage of that and will be there to just grab a free pizza and than call their friends? please help me get this thing right.

Are you aware of how most commercial fundraising corporations work? Lets use the main telemarketing fundraising company that uses the Special Olympics org. as their charity. They take 50% of all donations solicited over the telephone. Special Olympics hires the telemarketing company, the T-M company calls from their lists, take credit card numbers and collect the checks, and then they keep 50% of all the money people have donated, and give S-O the other 50%.

Then we get into many other charitable orgs, do a little research in relation to their “Administrative Costs” and you will quickly find that in some case less then 5% of all monies collected go to the charity they say they represent.

Doing something is better than doing nothing at all. I am quite sure the relief orgs will appreciate any amount they can get be it a small or large percentage of your sales.