Don't buy cheese next week..

The block market has dropped over 11 cents in the last 6 trading days. The market has had 5 negative days and 1 day with no change.

We all obviously have to buy cheese next week, but I suggest you only buy the minimum you need to get throught the week.  The less we all buy, the higher the supply sitting at the distributors and manufacturing plants will be.  This should help lead to lower block prices.  If nothing else, you will definitely be able to buy cheese at a lower price the following week.

Let the market drop, let the criminals get prosecuted. It’s time to keep the money in our pockets instead of lining the traders and the cheese companies pockets!

I’m in. We just bought in a bit heavy for our needs when we took on a new supplier. I’ll survive the week with what I have in the cooler just fine.


The cheese market wouldn’t even notice if every operator here closed their doors and never ordered cheese again.

To think that ordering light next week will have any effect whatsoever on the market is laughable. Besides, if/since the market is rigged, why would it suddenly revert to a proper supply/demand pricing scheme next week?

The other problem is the CME trades cheddar, not mozzarella, and it’s done on cash basis. Not buying mozzarella wouldn’t have any affect on a market where people are selling cheddar.

If only we could manipulate the market price like that…