Don't know much bout lectricity

Oops, I got a deal on a 40 qt VCM ($700 at auction) but didn’t realize that it’s 440 3 phase and I only have 220.
Any suggestions what I can do now? how much would a new motor cost? or what’s the odds I can sell it?


Similar thing happened to me. I sent an employee to pick one up I found on Craigslist and he comes back with a 440 volt one. Not much I could do as he picked this up about 400 miles from here. I listed the machine minus all the accessories(blade, stirring arm, sight cover) on ebay clearly listed as 440 volts with a $500 starting bid. Someone in California who refurbishes VCM’s purchased it for the starting bid. I guess he either needed one for a govt agency or was planning to replace the motor. You’ll find it’ll cost you more to replace the motor than it will to purchase another used one.

There are converter available on ebay from time to time…others have used them for mixers & the like…

I think what we’ve seen most here are three phase converters to run these in stores that only have single phase . To run 440volt equipment on 220volt electricity you will need a transformer to step the voltage up. I believe these will again be more expensive than buying another used machine that’s 220 volt three phase.