Don't stoop this low

This has got to be a real low-life way to do business: … terrorism/

Woah! I’m speechless…

Yeah I saw this last night on the news. Walked past 2 cops on the way to the bathroom to plant the mice in the ceiling tiles. What a nutcase! :shock:

Dumb ar$e more like it. When have you ever seen different coloured mice than those little brown/grey ones runing wild? Didn’t he think that white mice are special bred for pet mice, not wild rodents?
Deserved to get caught for more reasons than one.
Wonder if he walks around with a capital letter “L” on his forehead? :roll:


Yep, the guy is a moron, everyone knows if you want to do something like this you use german cockroaches. They are easier to conceal, breed faster so the colony’s growth rate will be exponential, and they all all the same color so no telling they were planted.

Um…thanks for the tip? This is horrible.

Pssssst…I would not take issue with my post removed.

Humor is the only way to survive this business. I would not actually do this, but I can dream about it. :smiley:

Was that a PetCo or Petsmart bag he was carrying? LOL :stuck_out_tongue: