door alarms?

This is probably a really dumb topic to discuss but I have been looking EVERYWHERE with absolutely no luck… I asked yahoo answers twice, been asking everyone and their mothers, called every single hardware store, craft stores, pet shops, wal mart, target and I cannot find this particular thing. Since I’m sure everyone here has a store front, maybe someone has one.

I’m looking for a NON-electronic door alarm that will make a noise everytime the door is opened. I’m always getting up from what I’m doing to check and see if there are people in the front. I’m thinking of a jingle bell… but I was also thinking that most places that have those have push doors so when the door swings inward, its physically hits the jingle bell cause it to make the jingle. And since my door is a pull open door, I’m trying to think how that would work.

Any ideas?


Most commercial doors have automatic closer on them. Most of the ones I have seen have a piece that goes from the door to the frame. You could hang a wind chime so that when the door is opened the piece of the closer would strike the wind chime.

my wireless door “alarm” is from desa specialty products

This is the one installed in most places, I use them in mine. Has a bell inside, loud - magnetic connection to door causes striker to be pulled and released to ring.

If you have a buglar alarm with a key pad you already have one.

Burglar alarms have door contacts which set off the alarm when opened you have a minute or two to push in your code to unset the alarm…well there is also a chime in the keypad which you can set to chime when the alarm is not set and the door is opened.

If you have an alarm, call the alarm company…they will tell you how to do it.

Right, I know of the door chimes for alarms, but we do not have an alarm system (but we do have a high tech camera system tho that alerts me as soon as there is any movement within my facility so don’t try anything lol!)

I’m seeing if anyone else uses a light sounding jingle bell type one, I think it would fit right in with our front decor/theme. I’ve been literally looking and asking everywhere. I’m not looking anything that loud and annoying.

Here you go: … uct/15-111

If you’re set on the “jingle bells”: - They’re 28 cents each, and shipping is $5.95 :slight_smile:

Just tie up several of them and hang them off of your interior door handle. Unless somebody intentionally opens the door slowly, they’re going to make some noise.

Not sure why you don’t want to use electronic, but the advantage there is that it can be turned off when you have somebody working up front. If I was your employee working a 6 hour shift up front during a busy period, there would be a limit to how much I could stand these friggin’ bells ringing. I’m easily irritated though, so maybe it’s just me :slight_smile:

We went to radio shack for our door alarm, the buzzer is actually back in the kitchen, that is set to go off as soon as the door opens, I can’t find what we have, but here’s some things that might work. ( The second link is for an example only, I have never bought anything from there.)

Also, with the holidays coming up, you may be able to find holiday decor with a motion sensor that may not be as annoying as a buzzer.

I still have the bells on the door, but unfortunately nobody can hear them if we’re under the hoods or running water. … Id=2102584 … nkCode=asn