Door dash drive

I know some people here use this product so I’m curious what your experience has been? A quick summary for the rest, door dash drive is an on demand door dash system that allows a restaurant to summon a dasher from the door dash network on demand and pay a per delivery fee for using them. In my case my post system , speed line, can integrate with the door dash drive system. What this apparently does to speed line is add a permanent “door dash” driver name to the dispatch screen and when you assign a delivery to that name it will summon a dasher to take that delivery.

I am interested in adding it as a stop gap for when we get too busy and for when we have driver call offs etc. I actually tried signing up for it since I figure I don’t have to use it if I don’t want since it’s a per use fee.

So questions for those that use it, how long did the sign up process take? I signed up about ten days ago and they still don’t have me setup on the door dash side. Second question is has it worked and what problems do you experience with it?

we decided to add this feature when our POS had it integrated since we do not want to deal with tablets, etc. We tried it at a cost of $7 per order. Our POS company took care of everything and it took about a week to be active. We have used it about 10 times since October and only have it for emergencies. The drivers never have delivery bags and did not seem like people I would like to see handling my food. We actually had a guy that came in full Dominos uniform that was probably double dipping while on the clock. When we assigned an order it tells us approx how long but it always seemed to be about 15min for them to arrive. It does not tell us that an order has been claimed they just show up and ask for the customer name. Also drivers would claim multiple orders at once even they were in 2 total opposite area of town which I did not like. Finally, we had to make sure they were paid by credit card and there was a decent tip. We run a pretty tight ship and keep the guys busy so our cost after payroll, taxes, and reimbursement from delivery charge that is shared with the driver comes out to less than $1.50. Although it sucks dealing with drivers I cannot justify paying an extra $5.50 per order to Doordash for subpar service that is not always reliable. We will continue to use it only for emergencies. We do not have trouble finding drivers…with tips they make over $30/hr easy before cash tips

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My driver’s also make over $30 an hour and it’s insanely difficult for me to find drivers. I do think it’s somewhat about my geographical area but it’s still a total headscratcher when I have people quit working for me to make $12 an hour at the injection molding factory that’s nearby.

Your comments about no delivery bags, lack of delivery confirmation, and not being able to control what the door dash drivers apparel are some of my biggest concerns. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.

My drivers also make over $30 an hour but they ruin their cars and blow it fast. I’ve had drivers wait for some cash tips to put enough gas in their car to cover shift or ask for $20 in advance. I did have 1 driver that worked 12 years for me that used to change the oil monthly and new tires every 6 months himself and he still went through 3 cars in 12 years… he only left to take over his father’s construction company. Now I have a delivery driver thats been a delivery driver for me for 7 years but 23 years in this area, she also puts away trucks and organizes inventory… she is way faster than everyone else because she doesn’t need gps and knows all the shortcuts. But she’s gone through 3 cars too in 7 years. Someone else just got in a wreck and totaled their car last week. She’s ok but I’m worried my payroll is going to drop my delivery coverage, last accident they suggested I just use 3rd party delivery.

I’ve lost business because of DD Drive. I never know if the order will actually make it to the customer. If they can’t find the address they just leave it nearby and confirm the delivery.