Door Hanger dilemma

We do door hangers everyday so usually takes us a month to get 15,000 door hangers out and we always do 2 color ones. It cost me $825 for 30k and now i am thinking of going full color because all my competitors are 2 colors and pretty much even copying me.

Now i wanted to ask you guys am i going to make a mistake going full color on the next set which will print next week 30k or should i stay at the two color. The money difference is $450 more for the full color really nice designed. I have a local guy who is an expert at this stuff.

Will it be worth it paying the extra $450 for full color or no stay the way I am now.


I have found that full color pulls a better response for me. It also portrays the image of quality. Put yourself in your customers shoes. Lets say you get doorhangers with similar coupons from 2 different pizza shops that you have never eaten at. One doorhanger is a basic 2 color on stock paper and the other is a bright, full color, glossy doorhanger. What place would you choose to eat at? I believe most customers would choose to use the full color, glossy doorhanger. It has a more professional look than a 2 color one.

As far as the results that you can expect to see, every market is different. The best thing to do is go ahead and spend the extra money on these doorhangers, try them out and see if your results improve or not. That is the only true way to know.

I was trying to find a report on the effectiveness of full color versus b&w advertising, however, I could not locate it…But from what I recall ads in full colour were 40% more effective than b&w…Now adding a spot colour (black and another colour) probably decreases the difference some…

When you factor in distribution costs how much is the increase in cost for full colour versus 2 colour?..You do not say what your distribution costs are but say just for the purpose of this calculation I use 6 cents each…So flyer & distribution is 8 3/4 cents for 2 colour versus 10 1/4 cents for full colour…So about 17% more…If your distribution costs is higher per piece the difference will be lower… (at 8 cents it would be 10 3/4 vs. 12 1/4 is only 14%)…If you let me know how much your distribution cost is, I will recalculate things…

The question you need to answer is whether or not you will get a 17% higher response with colour?..My best guess is yes…

You could also test by ordering 2 batches…1 in full colour and 1 in 2 colour…Split your market in half…Distribute in both areas and see if you get any noticable difference in repsonse…Now this is not exact because if other things are different, like if your competition only does part of your area not the other the results could be skewed…

Good luck…And please let us know how things work out…

I will bite the bullet and go full color i will be very different then the competitors.

My full time drivers and part time do door hangers for us daily 2 apartments per day is average. i pay them $7 an hour to do it and they are pretty quick to.

I will keep you guys posted.

How many can they hang in an hour?..That will let me figure out coust per piece and re-do my formula if required…

Definitely full color – especially if you can so easily distinquish yourself from your competitors.

well one of my guys yesterday did 26 buldings in 2 hours and one building 24 doors

What do the big 3 use? Full Color… there’s a reason. You may not want to copy their product, but they’ve spent lots of money on figuring out the advertising game. Use their experience.

yeah i am waiting on proof for cull color 30k door hangers… i am excited its going to look so good.

I think you’ll be very happy with the results from full color. I used to send 2-color menus out, and the first time I tried full color my response increased 50%.

I hope so i have to increase sale and i thought that way would be the best for right now.

Where do you get 30K DHs for $825? and is it one side or 2 sides?

double side. its a local guy.