Door hanger questions....AGAIN

I know this subject has been talked about before and I’m sorry to bring it back up but now I’m in the need for pricing information. I have a quote for a local printer to make door hangers for me, using my limited design skills made with powerpoint, but I am looking for someone who can come up with a good price and help with design. My idea is to have 2000 passed out every two weeks for at least 2 months. One location is doing very well and we have been open for a little over 18 months, the other location is new and not doing as well.

Any help would be great. Thanks

Check out their rates seem fair and they can help you with the design.

centuryprinting fast reliable

try they are pretty good

We had the same problem as you did and looked into a few sites listed here… We used Century printing and they did a really nice logo add for us with coupons… got 5000 for $214.00 a great price in southern california… good luck to you!

We had the same problem as you did and looked into a few sites listed here… We used Century printing and they did a really nice logo add for us with coupons… got 5000 for $214.00 a great price in southern california… good luck to you!
Reasonable pricing, fast turnaround. The design is also free. I printed 10,000 menus for a full price of $468, which also included shipping.

there is a web site that does two sided full color glossy postcards real cheap

For 2 color printing on stock paper - has the best prices. I believe they have free design and free shipping too.

For full color glossy door hangers - has pretty cheap prices.

For such small lots, you will see a cost savings by just going to a local Kinko’s of Xerox shop. They offer free or very cheap design work as well. Any job I do that has under 30,000 pieces, I send out to Xerox. They are very competitive in price, and another great benefit is that you can change your fliers every time for next to nothing. That allows you to narrow your focus to knife edge precision (order this offer by Friday 2/22 for an immediate kick in the sales, for example). Then you can do a more reasonable 12.99 special with an expiration date pushed much farther out for the next door hanger print run. It is much more effective to get different fliers out there, and you can play with the message and keep what works while getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t, further increasing your marketing ROI.

Companies like mypizzapromo are great for designs, but the menus and messages get a bit stale after a few months.

Pizzamancer are you talking about b&w or color?..I have sold a lot of printing over the years and Xerox copies have their place…But I can not imagine that at 30,000 pieces Xerox would be competitive price wise with offset printing…

If you want to print your own, you can buy blank door hangers from this website:

I guess I should have quantified that a bit better. 30,000 fliers aren’t worth printing at any price. I do a minimum of 50,000, and usually 3-4 times that. Any other printing jobs are less than 8,000 pieces, and at that quantity, Xerox beats every printer I have looked at.

I am also not talking about copies. I am talking about their printing service.

The website you gave is for “digital printing” and not “Xerox” copying…Digital printing involves making the printing plate by an electronic process, however, the ink that gets laid down is still ink versus toner… And if you are in to DIY the new RISO equipment is almost as simple to operate at a photocopier and less than a penny a sheet for 2 colour…,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

We own a Duplo digital duplicator that we use for runs of printing. It is good for anywhere from 25 to 25,000 copies. Let me tell youthat when it takes 15 minutes in your own office to run 10,000 pages, the machine pays for itself quickly. I do only one color right now but am looking to get the second color drum maybe this summer for spot color.

Nick a way to upgrade to multi of full colour without upgrading your machine is to buy “shells” and “masters”…Those are sheets with some portions of your artwork printed…Say the background, your logo and contact info…You get those sheets printed a bunch at a time…Probably at least 25,000 or 50,000…You then print black over top with price information and/or coupons and/or events that will change from time to time…Or in the case of a small chain, they can leave the contact info off the master and print that with each batch…A while back I saw a pizza place that used the back page for community events and they put out a new menu every 2 weeks…

Royster - Xerox hasn’t been just a copy shop since 1983. The link I posted is from Kinkos, or more specifically FedEx/Kinkos. I am really not concerned with print plates or electronic processes. I bring them my data on a thumb drive, they print my stuff in 2 days for less $$ than a normal printing house would cost. That is all I know about and all I really care about. I get 2-3 estimates a year from other printers, and Kinko’s beats them by a decent margin every time. For low volume printing, less than 5,000 pieces, I have not found a better value anywhere.

If you know of a better, cheaper, faster printing house, then by all means enlighten me, but I think you will have a challenge finding one. Numbers speak for themselves, and I have a folder full of them going back 8 years. On top of that, Kinko’s is not a design house, so they tend to throw in design service as a value added product. You might get a better deal going with a generic my pizza promo post card, but not much more than a penny (they even have free shipping this month), but the flexibility and turn around times with Kinko’s can’ be beat.

Just to be clear we are not talking about “copies” (toner) we are talking about “digital printing”(ink)…And in some locations Xerox may do both but when most people think Xerox they are thinking copies so they need to make sure what they are requesting…If a local shops does digital printing it is usually a very good value…Especially the places that can do 2 colours…

Like I mentioned earlier, Xerox/Kinko’s hasn’t been just a copy shop in two decades, and just to be clear, we are talking about inexpensive door hangers here, not splitting hairs. You are the only one who keeps going back to copies (toner, ink or any form for that matter).

If anyone has some outdated misconception that Xerox is just a copy shop they need to go in and check one out. That idea is as old as the ‘Dominator’. I don’t care though, and it is not worth the time to explain it any more. The old expression of you can lead a horse to water…

Pizzamancer…What kind of prices does Xerox and Kinkos charge for door hangers?