door hangers

has anyone had any success with door hangers? we put some out last summer and got one horrible response. we passed 2500 and only got one back.

I plan on odering 10K next week and was wondering what is normally advertised…for those that include coupons what do you do with regard to expiration dates when ordering such large quantities? I was planning on ordering once a year at most

i used a " limited time offer" and had a big discount free salad pop and breadsticks. i didn’t get a good response at all. what offer are you planning to put on yours?

My suggestion is to use more than one coupon on your doorhangers, but make one coupon for a large 1 topping pizza for $… It doesn’t have to be a great discount, but it will appeal to many more than a large 1 top+ bread+ soda+ salad. Get the initial sale, hope to upsell, but know you will WOW them with the product and service and gain them as a customer for life.

Perry, How about “expires in 30 days” instead of “limited time offer”. Also, if you plan on doorhangers being a part of your marketing, you should plan on purchasing more than 10K for a year. Thats only putting out 28 per day or so. 10K per month or two would be where you would really see a difference.


Thanks for the 30 day expiration idea!

As far as doorhanging goes I do not think it will be an ongoing thing…just to get the word out that “WE DELIVER” now.

Thanks for your help!


have you had alot of success with the large one item pizza for $… i was curious as to what price you were listing and the size also (14" 16")