door hangers

need a low priced printer for our door hangers! anyone have a good resource??



Best Choice Printing (20,000 full color doorhangers for $860). Or Century Printing (20,000 2-color doorhangers for $599)

those are Great prices!!!

I tend to like blank doorhangers - they’re 16.80 per thousand and I print them out myself. - very good quality.

I was looking at those blanks as well does it make sence to print them yourself?? is that cost efficient?(are you printing color or black)

can you run them through a photocopier? Don’t they jam in the printer?

the ones I’ve seen are designed to go through the printer and copier as they are 8.5 x 11 (or 14) microperforated sheets. Print and separate.

I figure that even with color ink well for the printer, it is cheaper to run our own 2-color doorhangers. If we want full color at some point, we’ll find a printer professional. We own a Duplo digital duplicator that will pound out 5,000 faces/copies in about 5 minutes. B/W is our baby! Color requires an investment into a color drum, which is more than we can dea lwith . . . so we use the color printer and some generic ink. Bango! printed marketing materials at a fraction of the cost.

Folks my opinions are quite biased as someone who sells mostly full colour printed products… Although, I do not sell pizza menus or pizza door hangers…

If you are in a market where your “homemade” flyers are better than the next guys “homemade” flyers they likely will work okay…However, if you are in a market where your competitors are agressive in their marketing and use professional full colour printing your “homemade” flyers will get lost…

What is more important than the cost per door hanger is the cost per response…If colour costs double but you get three times the responses then colour ends up being a better investment…

As with any marketing you need to test and document the results…If your door hanger has a coupon, split the run between a “homemade” door hanger and a professionally printed one and see which one costs less per response…Then you will know for sure…

I have some clients that do okay with 2 colour flyers and a magnet, others that only use full colour flyers and still others that use magnetic memoboards…All have come up with something that gives them what they think is the best bang for their buck in their markets…

Roy!!! love the canadian EY???!! tag line

can you please quote me on 10K or 20K of your fullcolor doorhangers with magnets!


I’m the onmly pizza game in town right now, so our flyers are prized and looked for. Our menues are on fridges all over town. 1-color or 4 doesn’t make that much difference yet. Now, when we do promotions, it may make more of a difference.

Hmmmm. I’ve gotten information from other printers doing both 2-color and 4/4 that 2-color is good response and impact. Piza places in nearby towns run it as well . . . . I’m still deciding which way to go.