Door hanging hours ??

Just wondering how many hours a week your shop door hangs and how it breaks down per employee.

Currently we do about 20-25 hours a week with each employee doing 2 hours a week.

This time of year, with all the crappy, cold, miserable weather we limit our doorhanging to dropping off flyers in the barracks on Mondays. I know I’m a huge proponent of doorhanging but I also know when not to do things. In this type of weather, if anyone’s going to get out there and doorhang, it’ll be me because there’s no way I would ever ask my guys to get out there in this stuff. And, since I friggin hate the cold weather (I’m originally from Louisiana), I think I’ll just hold off on the doorhanging until spring.

That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped hitting the houses, though. This time of year I’m hammering all the homes with postcards. I’m hitting about 1800 addresses per week, covering my town in 6 weeks… and then repeat… and then repeat.

It works and it’s a comfort zone for me. I don’t mind paying the extra $$ because return is still about 4:1. -J_r0kk


Can you recommend a decent & affordable printing company for door hangers? My company charges me .07 for each doorhanger, is that cheap or expensive in your opinion?



That’s might be a little high, though close, depending on the colors you use. I however, use a different approach when doorhanging. I have a bulk mail company print 4.25 x 11.5, 4 color flyers for my bulk mails. They also print overruns for me. The overruns are what I use to boxtop and doorhang. They total about 2 cents each. All I need is a roll of scotch tape and I’m good.

paul7979 has a printing company. If I’m not mistaken it’s . You might want to check them out. -J_r0kk

j_r0kk when cash was tight in my pizza place we used menus…Only we punched a hole in the corner and used an elastic band to attach it the door knob…RCS…


Just curious…what kind of offer are you sending out on your postcard? I like the idea of postcards because they are cheaper, but I’m not sure what’s the best “hook” on the postcard to bring in customers. Mind letting us in on what you are doing??




I’m really not doing anything special with the offers. I’m advertising my lunch special (small 1 topping and a drink $5.99) and Monday Madness ($1 Longnecks all night long) in the upper half. The bottom half consists of only 3 coupon specials:

BOGO : Buy a Large at regular price and get the next Large of equal or lesser value Half Price (I got that idea from tommieknowspizza)

Pizza-N-Wings : Get a Large 3 topping pizza with an order of our delicious wings $15.99

Create your own masterpiece: You pick the crust, You pick the sauce, You pick the toppings (up to 5 toppings) $10.99

That’s it. Like I said, nothing fancy. Just getting these postcards into the hands of potential customers is the biggest hurdle. Once they see it, they try us. My average response rate has been pretty substantial at 7.2%.

Just remember though, this is after I’ve pounded brand recognition into their heads for 4 straight months. Before these specials I was hitting them with “Buy one Get one FREE” for 3 months straight. Before that, it was menus doorhung on every door. -J_r0kk