Door Hanging

I have a question,when you send your workers out to distribute flyers and do door hanging how do you make sure their just not out throwing them away instead of what your paying them for?

i always do a driveby of the areas they were supposed to cover as soon as they get back, and they know that i do.

that is what a sector analysis is for.

“sector analysis” wtf is that? does it require a driveby engineer?
curious on how to perform a sector analysis…do I need rubber gloves?
please explain

The best way is to go out there with them. Not only can you be sure they are putting them out, they will probably put out 20-40 percent more per hour if you are out there hustling with them.

Amen to that last comment.
If your your beat up from the job.
At least be the driver, and the map guide. Drive your employees around and run them water, and door-hanger, and help them mark off the map. If your on them they will probably move allot quicker.
However, don’t door-hang for more than 2- hours a day. It can kill morale if you do to much door-hanging everyday. Set a goal of 500/day.
An average door-hanger will probably hang about 60 house and hour, and about 240 apartments per hour. If you are riding hurd on them you might get a 10 to 20% increase. As well you can make sure the hangers get hung on front doorknobs, not on mail boxes, newspaper boxes, driveways, garage doors, side doors, and/or doorsteps, the door knob is the most effective.
500 a day times a response rate of about 2% immediately, and about 8% more over the life of the piece adds up. Door-hang the same neighborhood about every 8 weeks.