Door type Dishwasher for Delco

Were opening our 3rd location this summer and are currently working on the equipment floorpan. We want to utilize a Low Temp or Hi Temp dishwasher in our sink area. I’m researching a TALL DOOR version. I have no dishwasher experience so I’m wondering which model or brand is best ( Low or High temp) for our needs and will it actually get 18x26 fiberglass sheet pans clean? We use these for our dough balls and end the night with a stack of 20-30 dirty trays to wash.

We use a CMA conveyor with a high temp booster. It may be a bit over kill for 40 trays a night. We run about 400 thru. I’m not sure if the lift door models with fit a dough tray in them.

Sounds like you’ve got it covered for your large operation. It’s been 20+ yrs since our last store opening and I want to solve a few of our existing operational inefficiencies by adding the dishwasher
We visited a few Marcos pizza & Hungrey Howie locations while visiting Florida and took pictures of their floor plans. They seemed very well laid out for their menu. I’d like to have a purchasing source for their custom cut & box tables and the angled SS shelving in the make areas.

We use an EcoLab High Hood (Tall door) low temp machine. They do fit the full-size dough trays and it really helps a lot. Our trays never get build up or pink mold in the corners anymore. We lease it from Ecolab through US Foods for 125/month which includes all maintenance. The low temp units don’t have the cleaning power of the high temp machines, but it beats the manual 3-bay sink. We can fit 5 MFG Fiberglass dough trays at once, 90 second cycle. If you are using sheet pans, you can probably do 9 at a time.

What’s the pros of a low temp machine? We’re working on a new location and apparently a high temp machine needs a hood? Any other differences? Will low temp still dry the dishes pretty well?

I’m hopeful that we will be happy all around with a low temp machine’s performance on our trays, small wares and food pans. The thought of adding an exhaust hood and roof fan for a high temp machine has be doubting going that Avenue. We don’t want to add another large heat producing appliance to our small space and 8ft ceiling height.

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Cons: It does not dry as well as the high temp models, nor does it clean as well. Pre-rinsing is required, and the sanitizer may discolor aluminum products.
Pros: For me the low temp machine was less expensive, cheaper to run as no booster is needed and does not require an exhaust hood. We are a DELCO with limited dine in service. As it may not clean everything perfectly, items still come out cleaner the manual washing. Cleaning 40+ dough trays each Friday night by hand was rough. Now my dough trays are clean and ready for dough time.

Thank you, RickG. I appreciate it

Is anyone using a tankless hot water heater instead of a normal hot water tank with a dishwasher? Manufactures seem to skirt the question.

Yes, thank you Rick. Great info ti help with our decision on Low or high temp machines.

We have a low temp CMA The only draw back i see is it doesn’t seem to get everything as clean as i hoped, we use deck ovens and butter the pans, as the higher temp seems to me would cut oils from the pans and things a little better
This is the only one i have used. I didn’t want the cost associated with using the water booster and things But you will save a ton on labor versus 3 bay sinks and paying some one to do them.
I think this moved eliminated 1 person from payroll
One thing I remember we got a maintainer heating element in ours to help keep the water hot between loads I think important inmho on a low temp warewasher

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Our local plumber told us since our town in on well water that the tankless ones are a no no for our area, lots of minerals and calcium would plug a tankless heater up now if you want to use all kinds of filtration it might work we went with a new AO Smith NG power vent commercial tank type and have never ran out of hot water since

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