How do I remove them from our Google page. We don’t even work with this company and never gave permission to be on our page? Cant find a number to call DoorDash or even Google.

They are awful, they had us listed on their page without our knowledge or consent. They had prices listed significantly higher than mine and listed numerous items we do not have. I found out about it last week when one of their orders went south because they didn’t have a driver available for 2 hours and customer called me to complain. I called doordash and told them to remove my establishment and my trademarked logo from their site and they said they would do so. This was during Friday night rush and I never went back and checked because,well I’m stupid sometimes and it slipped my mind. Today I checked and we were still listed but shown as “closed”. I called back and was, let’s say firm, and they removed it completely from their site.
Call 855-300-8985. That is not the correct department but the only number I found. They can transfer you to correct people.

Thanks Rick
I just do not understand how these companies get into our accounts. Then them saying your closed is worse yet.

Just had one of their drivers get upset and give us a one star review on google last night because he had to wait for his order. We quote them 20 to 30 minutes and doordash dispatches them immediately. He got here within 10 minutes of the order being placed! We used to have them walk out if it wasn’t ready until we learned to get payment first. I very much dislike them as well. We even had one pick up an order and never deliver the food. Doordash doesn’t care about their customers or their drivers. It’s a horrible company.

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The only way you can have full control over your Google listing is:
[]Create a business gmail account (around $50/year)
]Setup and complete your Google Admin Console
[]Claim your Business listing on Google my business
]Verify your business (About 2 weeks process)
[*]Update all your business information
Once you access your Google Admin Console, you can click on “My Business” to add your business. Then following the instructions provided, you can enter all the information you want and completely control your business account after you have successfully verified it with Google.

[*]GO TO: “[B][U][/U][/B]” to get started




After you’re done with the changes to your listing save your work. Some of the information update instantly with no verification required, but changes like website links, phone numbers etc, would be pending until you verify your business listing with Google.
This process is not the easiest, but it gives you FULL CONTROL over your listing!

P.s If you still having trouble with removing unwanted links added to your listing, you can always delete (not recommended), your entire listing from google and create a new one!

There is always the support phone number you can call, but you do have to have access to the admin console in order to get help over the phone.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

I use GrubHub to bring in orders. They had their link on my Facebook page and it took Facebook 5 weeks to figure out how to remove it. They had their link in my knowledge panel on google (the side panel that’s shows all the info of your business), I called GrubHub and they removed in four days. They had a google search ad running with my business name as keywords, I started my own ads and they removed theirs. They are very good at stealing customers that would have been yours anyway but they also have a loyal customer base that only uses their platform (mainly because they send them deals all the time).

I found another number if you still need it: (855) - 973 - 1040.

Thanks, everyone

This is not correct. Even with admin control of your Google listings, you will not be able to remove doordash from your listing, nor prevent them from adding themselves.

The only way to stop it is through legal threats for using your trademark.

Why does Google allow a third party to add themselves to your page? That’s a question I’ve never been able to get an answer to.

I was told that all these major companies (Grubhub, slice, doordash, etc) , pay google money to be there. Only way to get them removed is to cut ties with them if you are doing business with them or contact them and threaten legal action.

I had to contact Grubhub after I cancelled them to get everything taken down.

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I actually got GrubHub to remove there link on Google and Eat24 from our Yelp page. It was a pain in the butt.
Got off the phone with DoorDash and they said it will be removed. We’ll see.

How many days and DoorDash still has not removed their damn name.

Thanks everyone.

Were you able to get them removed?
I actually intercepted a call from Doordash on Friday. I woudln’t accept their order, they called three times. The customer called as asked why their order was cancelled. I told him that we’ve had very bad luck with doordash and offered him 10% off his order for his trouble. He was very happy and so was I.

Yes, after several phone calls and a lot of Bitching they removed it. I think they placed their link on every restaurant around here.
I still do not understand how they can do that.

I’m glad you were finally able to remove the link from your listing.
From what I’ve found from friends, you can also manage your business with a FREE gmail account through google/mybusiness “
All you have to do is claim your business there (kind of the same process as above) and that way you don’t have to have a paid account google account and you don’t need access to the Google Admin Console!

I also think and heard the same as @RobT that they must be paying Google a commission or something to be featured on your listings, but that is not something I can confirm.

Steve can you post where in this you can remove the doordash link?

This is from a friend that removed Eat24 and Grubhub from his listings using this option.
The screenshots I’ve posted above are very similar to google/mybusiness, but you have to claim your business which is a process of 2-3 weeks to receive the verification code by mail from Google.
Also, if your business has been already claimed by someone else for you, then I don’t know how you can proceed with that. But it will tell you that the business you’re searching has already been claimed.
Try the claim option first and let me know how it went. Hopefully, no one else has claimed it.

You can’t.

Claiming your business doesn’t change that.

I’ve Been thru this with google to remove Grubhub link and Eat24 link.

Doordash will tell you to call google and google will tell you to call doordash.

These links are automated and the only way to remove them is calling the company and requesting it. Give them the reason that food sits and waits for a courier and you don’t want to be on their platform. And be nice. I did that route with Grubhub and was removed after 7 days. It’s a process.
If it doesn’t work , send them a cease and desist letter and threaten legal action. In and out burger did this and they had to remove all their restaurants.

If you are getting business from it , and not under contract like me , I really don’t care. I’m getting my max prices.

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