Just started delivery about a month ago and looking for help. I got my Coke guy to do 2liters for a buck so I was thinking FREE 2-LITER SODA with purchase of large 1 topping pizza.

Usually we do not discount until we are presented with the offer and therefore just send the driver with our POS receipt for the full amount. i was thinking of having them deduct at the door and tallying up the coupon at the end of the shift for credit. Any other ideas?

Also, I am thinking that a driver distributing these might be tempted to turn them in on other deliveries to pocket the cash no? I plan on distributing them myself, but how do you avoid this.

What is your goal/purpose of making the driver make the deduction at the door?

wouldn’t that ensure that they have the coupon and arent just trying to get a free soda

I’ve had some entrepreneurial drivers in the past who liked to make quick bucks on coupons. I’ve always made it a policy to deduct coupon amounts when ordering. That way you don’t have to worry about drivers collecting large amounts of coupons on their own and turning $30 nights in tips to $60 nights in tips. J_r0kk


so do you NOT accept coupons if they dont mention when ordering?



 We've made it a habit to ask if they have any coupons they'd like to use when we've got them on the phone.  -J_r0kk

So how do you handle customers that do not have coupons but still want the deal?..Do you make them cranky or make the deal?..I think asking if they have a coupon could cause more pain than gain…RCS…

thats what I was thinking also Royster

Good. Sounds like you have a plan Perry. Good luck with the delivery business. I hope you sell 10,000 of those specials the first week and laugh all the way to the bank. -J_r0kk

I normally just use coupons that drivers cant manipulate. Free 2 l pop or Free bread sticks. The customer cant pull it out at the door and say “here is a coupon can I get some bread sticks” Obviously we dont just cary around breadsticks or pop so we dont have that problem. I do have a $ off coupon but if the customer doesnt mention it untill we get to the door we ask them to use it next time, now if they start to complain I have told the drivers to say the following “well i guess this time i can do it for you but if you could let us know when you order next time we can make sure your reciept has the right total on it” 95% of the time the customer has already told us about the coupon so I really dont worry to much. Also with my POS system I can see if a driver is changing tickets so I could always call the customer to see if the presented a coupon and all my staff knows I look at those reports ever week!

Hey JRock,

I hope I didn’t piss you off. All I was saying that if I asked MY customers if they had coupons each time they ordered they would get PISSED and feel entitled to the offers regardless if they had the coupon or not.

Thanks for your help anyways! I think the FREE SODA/ FREE WINGS (Please Mention Coupon when Ordering) is the way to go.

PS I heard Domino’s in my town just folded…score 1 for the indy’s!


No brotha. It’s all gravy. I just wanted you to know about the experiences I’ve had (one driver got me for over $300 back in my rookie days with the $3.00 off coupons before all was said and done). But seriously… I hope you DO sell thousands of them and laugh all the way to the bank. - J_r0kk