Doorhanger results?

Maybe my “subject” kept me from replies - asked this earlier too:

I am becoming convinced that my town is absurdly resistant to advertising, but I’m looking for something more to gauge against.

Please help me out with a rough estimate if you can - what response rates do you get to doorhanging?

Same day kick (number of orders)
Follow-on results (maybe over the next week?)

Whatever info you have would be useful…


The typical response is usually around 2%. A lot of it depends on if you have coupons on your doorhanger and what your offers are. The more aggressive the offer, the better redemption rate you will get. Doorhanging is a game of numbers and consistency. Obviously the more you put out, the more you will get back. Sometimes you might find more success by hanging the same doors multiple times within the same month. This way you are branding your store in their minds. The first time they see your doorhanger they might just dismiss it and throw it out. Now a week later they see it for the second time, they recognize your logo and it peeks their curiosity. A week after that they get another one of your doorhangers and this time they are familiar with it and decide to try it out. By hitting this customer’s door 3 times in one month, you have successfully branded your logo/pizza shop in their mind and they are now familiar with you.

Another advantage to this method of doorhanging is that most people will order pizza once or twice a month and now you have increased your odds of hitting their door on one of those 2 days that are going to order pizza.

The only true test to successful doorhanging is trial and error. Try different methods of doorhanging and different offers, and see what works best for your area. Either way you should definitely doorhang. It is a very inexpensive form of advertising that has proven to be effective if done correctly. Make sure to try and do at least 1000 a week and to get them out consistently every week.

I forgot to add that you should make sure the doorhanger is on the person’s door when they get home from work. Most people think about what they are going to have for dinner when they are driving home from work so when they get out of their car and walk up to their door, they already have food on their mind. Now when they reach their door, there’s your doorhanger with a bright shiny delicious looking pizza on it along with some great offers (make sure you use full color doorhangers with pictures - check out for affordable full color doorhangers). Now you have successfully placed your advertising in front of this potential customer’s face at the perfect time.

Make sure you have some method of tracking your results.