Doorhangers,Do you go door to door and any problems ever?

As it reads above and was wondering if you’ve ever had any problems?
I know many people these day and kind of private/or don’t want people in their yards.What about dogs and such?
I know it would be more expensive to do but in my area there are approx 5,000 households(on an Island) would it be better to just spend the $1,000 in postage and mail them?

Re: Doorhangers,Do you go door to door and any problems ever

I’ll answer your question with another question and a statement…

What kind of return would you like to get?

When you do a direct mail you’ll get an average of a 1%-3% return with an average of about 1 1/2%. So, if you put out 5,000 direct mail pieces you can expect to generate approximately 75 orders over a period of 2 weeks. 75 orders x avg. ticket of $15 will give you a sales increase of $1,125.00

Doorhanging gives you an average return of 5%-10% with an average of about an 8% return. However, doorhanging isn’t as efficient as direct mail in the sense that one person can put out an average of about 100 per hour. To put out 5,000 you will have to devote 50 manhours to accomplish this. Look into boyscout troops or some other kind of organization where you can get a large group of kids to help and pay them with a big pizza party when you’re finished. If you get 20 kids you can get the whole thing knocked out in 2 1/2 hours! And all it will cost you is about 6 large pizzas (about $12 bucks).

If you can get out all 5,000 doorhangers in one day… hold on 'cause you’re gonna get rocked! 5,000 doorhangers x 8% return = 400 additional orders over a period of 2 weeks. 400 orders x $15 (avg ticket) = $6,000 in sales, increasing your avg about $3,000 per week.

And, yes, you will have one or two people call to complain that they’ve got something stuck on their door. No problem, write their address down and give them a free pizza and maybe you’ll actually turn them into customers as well. It’s a win/win proposition. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk