Doorhangers, Marketing or Begging for business

Question, for everyone I was thinking of getting some doorhangers made up and hitting the town with them, I told my idea to my wife and she say’s that the customer will think we are begging for business. We have been in business for 45 yrs but business has dropped off because on increased competition. The only other place that has done doorhangers in the past was p.j’s and they are long gone now. What do you think?
Thanks in advance… Tony

If begging for business brings in profit, is it such a bad thing? In all seriousness, I find doorhangers to be the best advertising meduim to exist. Nothing else gives me the ROI and creates long term customers like they do. Go ahead and order them, but don’t expect to double your sales on day one. Put them out consistantly and watch your sales start on a steady climb.

you aren’t begging for business, you are just reminding people that you exist. when you start to get competition, people will try new things and you will even lose some of your customers. now it’s time to get them back. door hanging is a great way but you have got to do it consistently for it to work. then do some postcards to follow up…make sure they know you are there with a great product waiting to serve them. … good luck!

Tony writes:

I told my idea to my wife and she say’s that the customer will think we are begging for business. We have been in business for 45 yrs but business has dropped off because on increased competition.

I understand about the wife thing: DON’T MAKE HER MAD OR YOUR LIFE WILL BE A LIVING HELL!

On the same note, I can see how she would think customer perception would view your advertising as begging. I’m not sure what kind of shop you run but if you’ve been in business for 45 years I would imagine you’ve got a quaint, sit-down type of pizzeria operation going on over there. With that in mind, I’m going to back the advice paul7979 and GT have offered with a little bit of a twist:

I think you should advertise, possibly door to door. In your case, however, I would advertise with menus. Attached to the menus, or sectioned off from the menus I would put some coupon offers that aren’t too deep with the discounts, but shows value in the offer so that it will generate some sales. By doing this, find your best selling product and run a special where you buy one, get one half off, thereby only discounting a total of 25% off the entire order.

Another route you can go (and I elected not to do this, but you might be interested), is have an outside company come in and professionally print up a brochure with menu’s a deep discounted offers. The printing is absolutely free and this outside company goes door to door in your delivery area and sells these brochures for a fee (usually around $20). Here’s an e-mail one company sent to me:

Attached is the promotion we ran for Lawrence, Gardner, and Overland Park. We would like to do the same promotion for you.

Your cost is limited to the redemption of the offers i.e… food costs. We average about 500 certificates sold per store. If you are interested all I would need to get started on a proof is your menu including address, tel number, and pricing. I would make adjustments to the offers to reflect your menu and pricing.

You can reach me 612-327-2617 or
I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


                                            Rick Petrekovic
                                            Smart CircleInternational

Good luck in your efforts and I hope this posts helps in some way. -J_r0kk

If advertising is begging for business then so be it. Door hangers are one of the best advertising tools you have at your disposal. They are relatively inexpensive and they work pretty well. Out of all the advertising means I use box toppers and door hangers work the best. It’s hard to say (for me) which works better, because I see a lot of door hanger coupons and box topper coupons come back. I would price shop though before you commit to one company for the door hangers, who knows maybe you can get a better deal.

I passed out 400 flyers today.

Guess I’m a begger…

That’s why I don’t ask my wife for her opinions :wink:

Seriously though, we have been around for 25 yrs and are in the same boat…I have found that the places that change with todays marketplace (which includes marketing & promotion) tend to keep their regulars and new customers as well…remember you do not have to discount much or at all…just keep your name out there.
Good Luck!

“Happy wife!..Happy life!”…But one does have a business to run…How about magnetic memo boards with a sheet of coupons attached…Give them to a local school to sell as a fund raiser…RCS…

Oh, I don’t know that I’d trust the reputation of a 45 year old restaurant with a vendor offering something free like that. Know what I mean?
Unless it’s a program someone is very familiar with.

I’d say go ahead and door hanger - just do it with more CLASS than a PJ’s would. Print full color perhaps. Or, as suggested, make the doorhanger a “convenience menu” with a subtle special to entice people back in…