looking to get some door hangers, wanted to get some from got print…what do you recommend I want something strong enough to stay on the doors and not fall off, what of feedback do you have… any experience with the paper type? how bad would the 100lb book be?

I always order my doorhangers from GotPrint and have never had a problem. I get the 100lb gloss book and they stay on the doors just fine.

Have you considered door hanger bags? I’ve been using them so I can put menus + magnets. I like that I can use marketing materials that I already have in house and add extra promotional items as needed.

We use doorhangers etc. They print a 2 color on an adequate paper but their 4 color doorhangers are on a very thick card stock. Fast turn around times on 2 color, a little less so on the 4 colors but worth the wait in my mind! they have been printing our door hangers for over 10 years and I would definitely recommend.

where do you get door hanger bags?

we use century. Good heavy weight door hangers. Never had a problem with them.

I wouldn’t do the door hanger bags. Extra expense, labor and an extra step for customer to see door hanger.

You only have a couple of seconds to catch their attention once they pull it off the door and walk in.

Think about how you enter your house. Something on door, glance, walk in house either goes in trash or on table.

I agree with the bags…first the bags don’t out-date themselves…second weatherproof…third, yup you can put a magnet in it.

Doorhangers can cost too much and if you dont use them all…then which option REALLY is the most expensive. The bags are clear…how can they not catch your attention if you have a great menu. If not…then insert your own flyer into it…which is less expensive than QUALITY door hangers.

I have been using bags for 3 years and WILL NOT go back. carries a full-line of the bags.


That is amazing that I have not heard or thought about the bags until now!!! It is a GREAT idea to get more than just a coupon out to the people! WIll be making that switch as soon as the bags get here next week just ordered a batch!

Why doesn’t someone invent a large hole punch that stores can use and make their own door hanger out of normal fliers?

you could have a die-cut made 4 you, or just have your printer use a ‘star’ cut rather than a hole…it will still add to the overall expense, as it must go to ‘bindery’ or the additional work…

Consider a drill/door-lock cutter attachment…that might work…look for a fine tooth tool…maybe a zip-tool type thing…

I don’t use traditional DH anymore…got my own ‘secret’ weapon…lol

I guessing that would be Facebook? I just went to look at how your online ordering was set up (mine will be up by the weekend). You’re pretty active on there, I don’t know how you keep track of everyone.

In my pizzeria days I used a 1 hole punch and elastic bands…Works fine and allows you to use what every printed matter you have on hand…

I would save a door hanger type bag with a magnet and such for perhaps a parade throw out or something. Seems very costly to me to do this door hanging.

Kris there is no way to know if it is too costly without tracking the results…Sometimes the unit cost may be higher, however, if it generates better results it is actually less costly as a % of sales…

Speaking of parades…I have clients that hand out magnets, jar grippers and stadium cups…Magnets and jar grippers are pretty straight forward with phone number, logo, etc…On the stadiums cups, they indicate that they will get a free fountain refill with a pickup order of a certain amount…

PS…Temporary tattoos are also great for parades and festivals…

I went to ULINE and bought clear door hanging bags and used my regular menus. They have a few sizes available depending on the size of your menu.

Indie- You can buy a punch to do it yourself! I bought one from either office depot or staples 2 years ago but am thinking hada to get it online! It is a 1 1/4" hole. But then you have to take scissors and make the slash in it. It has worked great for that and fits 9.9% of handles.