I am about to open a pizzeria, i have looked up doorhangers and although talked alot about i have never found out exactly what they are,no place i worked at ever used them. Sorry for the Newbie question if someone could help it would be great.

What exactly are they
How are they dispersed.

I have some excellent advertising ideas i am going to try out once i open, i willletyouallknow how it goes and what they were after i get some results


The basic definition of a doorhanger is an advertising piece that usually has your logo, a product shot, and phone number on the front in 4-color print. On the reverse side are any coupons you’d want to put on there. At the top, this piece is “star cut” so that you can slip it onto a potential customer’s doorknob.

However, I consider a doorhanger any piece of advertising material I can put onto a customer’s door. One route we’ve been successful with the last couple months are the coupon magnets (I get mine from magpac. com). These are great because the shelf-life of the ad(4-6 weeks) is much longer than your generic doorhanger(1-2 weeks).

Distribution is a little easier said than done. The average person will put out about 100 doorhangers per hour. If you really want a good return you want to see a minimum of about 1,000 in one day. That’s 10 manhours of straight doorhanging to achieve this watermark.

Return on doorhangers is fantastic, posting average returns of 5-8%. If you can find a system that will get these out, you will not be disappointed with the results. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

They’re printed ads that hang on a doorhandle by the hole cut in it.
Here’s one:
Not endorsing cfm, just a sample I found online.
They are distributed by having kids walk through a neighborhood placing them on each doorknob for free pizza :slight_smile:

Good luck!

door hangers are like flyers but have a cutout so that they can slide on to a door handle… look around on pmq and u can find places that make them.

Check out Very helpful with design and superfast turnaround times.