Doorhanging Vehicle

Yeah I know doorhanging is good excercise for everyone :slight_smile:

But I’m always thinking of ideas. Anybody think a go-cart, golf-cart, or a Segway would be feasible for doorhanging?

I’v got alot of wealthy neighborhoods, large houses, with 2-3 acre lots. Its hard to doorhang these guys.

I have never been on a Segway but it looks like it would be awesome for doorhanging. Especially the off road version.

there’s a point when door-hanging is inefficient and not feasible…perhaps it time to invest in a stamp for the higher end customers…

You can cover a lot of ground with a bicycle. We are not open yet, but this is constantly on my mind of how to get this done. I think I will drive to a central location, take the bike of the rack and ride it around.

If houses are close to each other, rollerblades could be an option. We did something like this for my daughters cheerleading squad. We had several kids take a street and all meet in the middle. I think total time for about 100 homes was 10-15 minutes.

Roller blades… I like that idea… Even with close homes, you could distribute twice as fast… That is if your not walking through the grass from house to house.

Depends on OTHER uses - are you in a dense neighborhood where you could DELIVER on the Segqay, too?!?!? THAT would be COOL.
And you definitely get noticed on one riding around town, so make sure to get it bannered, branded, etc.
Any way to go for doorhanging is cool (roller blades, bikes, etc.) - but I don’t think you’ll justify any vehicle based only on it’s use for doorhanging.