Doorhanging VS directmail

was wondering which one you do and prefer better and what kind of return you are getting[/b]

We are a spread-out, rural sort of market that makes door hanging difficult and inefficient in many areas. We spend most effort direct-mailing full color postcards. We don’t get a high response to the offers we make, but danged if we don’t get a big bump in ordering for about three weeks after we mail them. We do about 4000 addresses, and get about a 25% to 30% sales bump, new customers, and a hold about 10% of the bump after the 3-weeks.

We do both.

Our delivery area averages almost 5,000 people per square mile, so that makes doorhanging effecient(over 100 dhers per hour) for us.

We’ve recently started direct mail and have seen success with that as well.