double stack converyour ovens

need to find out where I could lease a doudle stack ovens (like this)
for a short time…like 6 months
simular to this one
any idea on the cost?

“like this”

like what?

We have a double stack conveyor oven we are selling that you could probably buy for the same price you would end up leasing for if you could even find such a deal. If you are interested let me know. We bought them brand new and have used them only a 1 1/2 years under “very” low volume conditions. You could even try them out as they are still in use. We will be listing them on Ebay shortly.

let me know how much your selling it for


darn link didnt post
I need something low profile we scrathed the idea of a mobile trailor and are going acroos the street in a VERY tight pllace, oven would have to fit in a 35 inch opening … osi_widget

I have these exact Lincoln Conveyor ovens. I just purchased them at an auction. They are electric 3 phase like the one in the ebay auction that you posted about. Originally I thought that I could use them but I’m going with a different building for my new location that doesn’t have 3 phase power. The ovens are in good condition and were in use at a restaurant that went out of business. The ovens have a stand and both conveyors (unlike the ones in that ebay auction). The only problem is that after I bought the ovens, I went to get a trailer to haul them home and when I was gone someone swiped the door off of one of them. You can buy the doors right from Lincoln and they are not that expensive. Since one of the ovens is missing its door, I will make you a really good deal if your interested. I’ll sell you the one oven that has everything complete for $3000 and I’ll throw in the other one that’s missing its door for FREE. If you were to lease these ovens, you would end up paying a lot more money. If you are interested pm me or send me an email and I will get a shipping quote for you. You’d also be more than welcome to come pick them up if that’s what you wanted to do.

Red Barn…chances are it can be re-wired for single phase - as I did w/a CTX oven yrs ago…may take some changes 2 your elec box tho…

but have you considered just using the ovens you have now b4 the move? Might it be more cost effective - just plan the “down” time…

I’m not actually relocating, I’m opening a third location so I’m going to have to get some additional ovens.