Dough ball outer skin

Hello Tom, would you please let me know what I night ve doing wrong to get the dough ball outer skin tearing apart as shown in picture.
My total mixing time is 11 minutes.
2 minutes in #1 speed, first flour, yeast, water, sugar and salt. Then 2 minutes adding oíl still in #1 speed.
Finally 7 minutes more in #2 speed.
Thanks everybody in advance for tour comments.

What kind of flour do you use?

I use 12 % protein bread flour 56 % water.

Tom will probably want to know your full recipe(bakers%) and what type of pizza you are making. If your making hand tossed new york style, you need to use a higher protein(all trumps 14.3%) to form the gluten. 56% water is low, that could be a problem also. Although I have tried 56% before I didn’t have that happen.

I meant to post this.

Thanks a lot, I make hand tossed skins