Dough Ball Size and Fermentation?

Hello, I had a question about dough balls. When you make dough from scratch and ball them up, do you ball up different size dough balls for different size pizzas?
For example we use 18oz Dough Balls for our Large. Dough is usually prime for use on the 3rd day, by 4th day we start loosing it.
So if we offer a Medium pizza and use let’s say a 9oz dough ball…wouldn’t the prime use of the dough be about 1 and 1/2 days and most likely no good by the 2nd day. Due to the more rapid fermentation rate of the smaller volume of dough?

Just curious on how you all offer different sizes of pizzas and still get prime dough.
Thanks for the help!
, David

I don’t see smaller dough balls fermenting quicker. They have exactly the same ration of ingredients, and treated the same should behave the same

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Small dough balls cool down faster slowing fermentation, the larger the dough ball the longer itll take to cool

We have 3 different size pizzas/dough balls. We use the same proofing period for all of them. The smaller size ones might proof more but not noticeable.

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Interesting. I wonder why my smaller dough portions ferment so much faster. For example, we’ve also done individual breadsticks at 2oz. Those we had to use within 24 hours or they’d go flat. For some reason with my dough, the rate of fermentation is greatly affected by the dough ball size.

We cut our breadsticks from a small dough ball on demand. as for fermentation time, we flatten ours on trays then straight to cooler

You could always use less yeast in your recipe. We use less yeast and cooler water in the summer

Well, when we used dough balls in different sizes, smaller dough balls proof more but in other sizes it was not that noticeable. So fermentation can be affected by the pizza dough ball size. If you want you can check out pizza dough balls market it contains a lot of information regarding dough balls. It helped me a lot.