Dough Ball Size

Hi All,
Just wondering what size dough balls your using for certain pizza sizes. I’m going to be making 16" family size and 8" personals. Thanks for your valuable time.

my 8"s are 5 oz. my 14" are 16 oz. or 1 lb. I dont do a 16" but you can do the math

well our 10" pizzas use 8 ozs and our 16" pizzas use 21 ozs.

My 16" uses 24.5 oz. I don’t do an 8" so can’t help you there.

480 grams(17 ounces) per 14", 154 square inch pizza

that is 3.12 grams per square inch or .11 ounces per square inch…

all others pizzas should be the same per square inch for consistency,


Our 16 inch uses a 23 oz dough ball. It is a straight math thing for us, so an 8 inch pie would need about 6oz (5.78) in our shop.

12" - 11-12OZ
14" - 18-19OZ
16" - 25-26OZ