Dough Ball Sizes???????

Hey guys,

after Expo I think my Balls are to big :slight_smile:

I have been making a 14" with 19oz and 12" with 13oz

could you tell me what you guys are using

Thanks Dennis

14" - 20oz
12" - 14.5oz

Depends what you want your pizza to be like.

12" 14oz
14" 19oz
16" 25oz

12" 12oz
16" 22oz

We do a slightly thicker crust. The people seem to like it

12" 15 oz
14" 20.5 oz
16" 27.5 oz

If you do the math you will find that our 16" should actually be 27 oz. But I find we need to scale up those larger pizzas just a little because the slices are longer and need a little more strength.

Everybody will bash me, But we use 1-ounce per inch od diameter.

Hand-tossed thin. It just works for us

Cracker crust thin
12" 9.5 Oz
14" 11 Oz
Deep dish
10" 16 oz

I normally use 11-ounces for a 12" pizza and then calculate the dough weights for any other sizes by using Pi X R squared. So a 12" pizza with 113-square inches will have a dough loading of 0.09734-ounces per square inch of surface area. A 14" pizza has 154-square inches (154 X 0.09734 = 15-ounces) and a 16" pizza has 201-square inches (201 X 0.09734 = 19.5-ounces). The best way that I have found to determine the correct dough weights is to find out what your customer expectations are (I use a 12" pizza for this) and then calculate the dough loading for the 12" dough ball weight which is then used to find the correct weights for any other sizes.
By the way, this can also be used to calculate both sauce and cheese amounts too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We do 19" slicers, I use 22.5oz
Hand tossed, Thin crust.

8" 6oz
12" 14oz
14" 20oz
16" 26oz
18" 32oz