Dough Ball Sizes

Can anyone share with me proper dough ball sizes? We use 12", 14" and 16" screens with a sheeter? Do you put certain sizes together in your dough ball trays and label them or how do you know what sizes to use at the sheeter?

Depending on what kind of crust profile you’re looking for, that changes the weight for prepping them.

We have a system, we do 4 rows of balls, 2 on the left are for small and medium and 2 on the right are for larges.

We use one size ball…For our large we use 1.5 dough balls, medium one dough ball and a bit of scrap dough, small one dough ball (which leaves a bit of scrap dough.) Keeps things simple.

We use three sizes of dough balls for 10", 12" and 16" pies.

12" = 13 oz
16" = 23 oz

Really, figure out for one of your sizes what the amount of dough is that gives you the crust you want. From there, math will tell you the rest. Using area of a circle to figure the amount of dough per square inch will make it easy to get the same crust for any size.

dough per quare inch = ounces of dough divided by area of pizza

area of pizza is pi times R squared or 3.14 x radius squared (16" pizza has 8" radius). Areas of pizzas are: 16" = 201 sq in . . . 12" = 113 sq in
I use 13 oz in a 12" pizza, so 13 oz / 3.14x(6x6) = .115 ounces dough per sq in
that ratio gives me simple figure for the 10" and 16" once I get the areas.

201 sq in x .115 = 23.12 or just 23 ounces

As long as you get the area of the pizza, you can get the exactsame ratio of dough using the math. I hope I didn’t confuse it too much. tom Lehmann usually does a much smoother job at it.