Dough Ball

I have a small 2 night a week gig at the local leigion club cooking pizzas with ny Bakers Pride p22bl electric oven. When i first got into cooking pizza 4 years ago i made my own dough with Alltrumps and a KA mixer. Since i am cooking at the club i am using frozen dough balls, at first i used Sams Club balls which shaped pretty good just out of the fridge but have switched to WPP frozen doughballs which i must take out of the fridge an hour or two to use, which i used to do that at home when making pizzas. The WPP is better dough. Am thinking of making my own dough again(really loved mixing it). Would something like PZ44 conditioner help with shaping right out of the fridge? Or is it valid to put a dough ball back into the fridge if not used after 2 hours sitting out of the fridge? I only make about 5-7 pies each night and don’t want to waste any dough balls…Thanks.

Frank…where you been for the last 4 years? :wink: I would think putting dough back after it has come to room temp would have a very poor effect on it. If you only do 5-7 pies a night… pull 8-9 to be safe and if you have to toss a couple… dough is really inexpensive. I am guessing you sell slices? Adjust the price a little to cover the lost dough.

Yes some slices but mostly take out, 16" pies. Doing 10" pies now instead of all the slices to see what happens. Just started this gig the 1st week of Jan. and good steady growth too. Did the dart club party last week, 10 pies for them and 5 other pies too, whew, what an education that was compared to just a home hobby with the BP oven…thks for the reply btw.

Yes, PZ-44 will help you to take the dough directly from the fridge to the make table, but do be aware that doing so runs the risk of having a bubbling problem on your pizzas. It is much better to pull the dough a couple hours ahead of time and allow it to temper AT room temperature before using it. The main function of PZ-44 is to allow the dough to be processed without much/any fermentation time, but that is really depriving your pizzas of a lot of quality in my opinion. Better to just make fresh dough either every day, or every other day and refrigerate it rather than freezing it. This way you don’t need to PZ-44, and you develop a great tasting flavorful crust at the same time. These are some great dough formulas posted in the RECIPE BANK if you need one to get started with.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor