Dough balling machine?

Does anyone here have experience in using a machine to roll their dough balls for them (where you just drop in the weighted dough and it compacts it into a ball). If so how are the resulting dough balls? Are you satisfied with your investment on it? And if anyone knows, can someone direct me to where I could find them?

i bought one of these about 10yrs ago and might have been one of the best investments I ever made

The commissary i share with another owner uses one of these machines. Not sure what brand/model it is, but when it is working it saves alot of time. The one we have is older, but still worth it.

You can not hand roll dough balls as tight as the r-900 rolls them. They are consistent, the machine is fast, and your fore arms will thank you. However, if you do less than 100 pounds of dough most days, the clean up may negate the time savings of the machine. It takes close to 15 minutes to disassemble the machine and clean the components. We have also tried the univex machine and i would not recommend it.

We use the dough rounder from AM Manufacturing Company, 14151 Irving Avenue, Dolton, Illinois 60419 (tel: 800-342-6744). It will round your dough balls as fast as you can toss them into the chute. Ours has the optional rotating table so one person can cut and round 80-pounds of dough (50# flour batch) in less than 15-minutes. Like all of our other pizza equipment, this equipment will be demonstrated and used during our upcoming annual Practical Pizza Production Technology and Innovation seminar in October.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Anyone know of a machine that can cut and roll out breadsticks?

I’m not aware of any one machine that both cuts/portions the dough and also rolls it into breadsticks. For large volume breadstick production you can use a Dutchess Machinery Divider/Rounder to portion, and round the dough balls, and then after a short rest period run the dough balls through an Acme, or Moline dough sheeter with the correct curling chain and pressure board for making breadsticks (actually they say it is used for making hotdog buns, but it is the same one as used for forming breadsticks.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I’ve been looking for a good used one for a while, they are hard to find it seems in my area. I just found a dealer that bought up a bunch of DR42 Univex rounders, have the opportunity to buy one for 1k, which is pretty good in my opinion, but give pause now as to why it cannot be recommended. Does anyone use these? I’ve used the round-o-matic in the past and loved it, easy cleanup with no problems… should I pass on the univex and keep an eye out for the roundo?

I have both. The round does roll a much tighter ball. The univex works just not as well, and not as fast.

However, I bought a round used off the internet. It puts little pieces of gray dough on the balls so I don’t use it. Have been trouble shooting with the company for months now. I am going to have to ship it back to the company to have it worked on. So if you are getting a round make sure you test before you buy

I’ve seen an A & M MFG rounder leave gray spots on the dough and found out it was that the finish on the “screw” was worn off. I purchased a new one from the manufacturer and no more gray spots. Unfortunately a new screw was $1500 and I think they’re even more expensive now. They sell “blemished” ones for a few hundred less than regular price and I’ve never seen a problem in them.

what do you think about this Friul Australia “rounder” … gh_Rounder

looks smaller… the R900T looks like a whole furniture next to it haha!

We spend as much time cutting and weighing as we do rounding. If I did enough volume to justify one of these machines I would want a divider/rounder rather than just a rounder to maximize the labor savings.

ohh… i see…

this one should do it then :smiley: right?

That one has limited range for dough ball size, 300 to 650 grams which would be 10 ounces to 23 ounces. If I was going to spend that much I would find one with a wider range.

You can see by the price of the friul one is why we still cut and roll ourselves.
Need huge rollout number to justify the $8k + price tag. Equipment here in Australia is just sooooo much more expensive than USA


That was the first thing we did was put a new screw in it. Then I had it rebuilt in the gears. No Idea what it is at this point, hence why its going to the company. Luckily didn’t pay much for it at the beginning (and wasn’t worth anything)