Dough balls - sheeted dough

I currently mix my own dough, but I am considering buying sheeted dough or dough balls from my distributor, Roma. I often wonder with the time I spend making the dough, worrying if it done properly when I am not there and all the other headaches involved if it is worth it to make my own dough.

My current cost to make a large dough ball (18 ounces) is 36 cents + labor + … it is probably running real close to $1 per dough ball once all costs are figured.

What are you guys paying for dough balls or sheeted dough?

What products would you reccommend?

Am I crazy for considering switching?

We use about 650 pounds of flour a week.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

If you have a good dough recipe which your customers like and identify your pizza with, you might be crazy.

If you make your own great crust, that should be one of your selling points.

As for headaches, I’ve found that a good set of procedures (simple 4-5 steps laminated) and a dough pack (I make them up at the beginning of the week in ziplock bags), proper training, and an 18 year old can make it and portion it as well as I can. (Sure, they take longer, but I work with them and motivate them.)

I’m sure there are some good frozen dough balls on the market but it doesn’t seem like something I’d want to advertise to my customers. In fact, I’m proud to say that unlike my nearest competition, our dough is always made fresh, not from frozen!