Dough Blowing Problem


I seem to be having a problem with dough blowing. I mix my dough and the finished temperature is 75-77F, we ball them and put them in the cooler right away (20 mins max). I noticed that they are starting to blow within 3 hours and by the next day they are unusable. When I went in the cooler after 3 hours I took the temperature of a few of the balls and they had only dropped to 65F. Is that a quick enough drop? I’m going to check them at the end of the day as well to see where they are at. My question is, if I drop my finishing temperature will that affect the fermentation time only, or the quality of the dough too? I can easily have a colder finishing temp but my understanding was that 75-80 was the magic spot for a perfect 24-72 hour dough.

Yeast - 1.5% CY
Coolers are running at 38F throughout, with no issues that I can see.

Any advice is appreciated.

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How are you keeping them? On trays in bags? Cross stacking? When we had some dough blowing up too much the dough doctor told us we had too many dough balls on the tray and they didn’t have enough room to expand properly

Yes on trays in bags. They are kept at least 1 or inches apart depending on the size of the ball, but I will definitely try a tray with only a few on it to see if that helps. Thanks for the tip!

We do the same. We put 20 23oz dough balls on a tray for a reference point. He suggested no more than 10 but I don’t have that much space

We use IDY at 0.75%. According to this: Yeast types explained - THE PIZZA BUBBLE you should multiply IDY x 2.7 to get CY. Which would be 2%. You are already using less than that.
What is your water temperature? We typically are around 70 degrees and mix for about 12 minutes in a Hobart.
How many / what size dough balls are you putting on a tray? We do:
6oz = 15
9oz = 12
14oz = 11
19oz = 8
You may be overcrowding them?
Have you tried skipping a shelf on your dough rack for a few hours to allow more air to flow between the trays? Not pushing them back all the way to the wall so the air can flow behind them? So put the dough trays in every other shelf. Then after a few hours rotate them all up.
We do not pay attention to finished dough temp, but pay attention to the water temp. I don’t see anything you are doing wrong though.

Are you cross stacking them?

The OP is bagging and placing on trays, not using dough boxes

Thank you for the suggestions everyone. In the end I think it was a combination of the thermometer I was taking the final dough temp with not being accurate (which was also the same thermometer I used to take the water temp. with), and I have been putting them in the cooler on trays uncovered for a bit after balling to speed up the process. I remember reading somewhere that the heat may get trapped in the bag causing it to be too warm. In any case it all seems good for now (until the humidity starts), so thank you all very much.


I have had those issues in the past. I let my hand tosses rise for two days and they were unusable on day two in the summer when it is hot. My cooler is about 8’ x 12’ and was 38 degrees at night when the door wasn’t open but, during the the days at prep time, lunch rush, and evening rush it gets nonstop traffic. So, When it was above 100 degrees out side, by 2pm it was was in the high 40"s in the cooler. And so was everything in the cooler.
I used cold tap water and cut the yeast by a 1/3rd. I have even chilled the water with ice before using it in the middle of the summer. It helped alot.
I just put a second condenser unit in my cooler to help maintain consistant tempature this spring. Hopefully my dough will be easier to manage this summer. I will find out real soon.