dough blowing up

Question for the dough Dr. or anyone in the know with dough boxes…our dough, even with 2-3 hours of “breathing time” is blowing out. This makes for no fun. Is there a way to slow the activation to help keep the dough under control? We just switched to boxes from sheet pans covered in plastic bags, and didn’t have this problem before. Thanks…also thanks for the tips at the Vegas expo…you helped us greatly.

When you say breathing are you actually cooling them off in the cooler crossed stacked for 2-3 hrs or are you letting sit out in the kitchen?

they go in the cooler right away because of the heat and humidity here…

Are you CROSS-stacking them? If not, you’re putting a warm “lump” the size of all of the boxes in the cooler and the stuff in the top and bottom trays might be cooling well, but 6 trays down won’t be.

Is your final dough temperature too hot when it’s done mixing? An extra 15-20 degrees is a lot to remove in the time frame you need to cool that dough.