Dough Bowl Question

Why am I seeing a grey like coloring when I clean out my dough bowl. Anyone have an Idea ??
When I wash my dough bowl we typically only use clean wet towels to clean it out, never using any type on soaps or cleaners

Has your bowl been retinned? When we had bowls that had been retinned they would I guess shed some of the surface while cleaning them. We have replaced them all with new stainless bowls over the years.

Nope never been retinned, its stainless steel. actually its in really great condition, have had it since 2007 bought used from another business

I guess we need to ask your procedure for cleaning the bowl? new scrubbers? new chemicals?

How old is your bowl. It does sound like it needs to be retined.

Someone may have thought they were doing you a favor by polishing it with stainless steel polish. When it wipes off, it has the color you describe.

What if you try using some soap? We use soap on ours every day in the sink.