Dough box/dough tray

woukd like to know which brand everyone prefers. Opened a new store and went and bought some really cheap dough trays. It was a big mistake. They don’t stack, air gets in leaving the dough dried, and they are cracking

I have been using racks with trays for 30+yrs never even attempted to use bxs. We put individual dough balls in deli bags and space a few inches apart on trays

I have always used Cambro’s, these are the one’s i currently buy

I think I’ll try the Cambro. Was trying to be cheap and it didn’t work out.

These are the only ones I will use. Every other one I’ve tried either don’t seal well of have so much give to them that the dough ball doesn’t scrape out cleanly. We order from Northern Pizza Equipment for quantities or from Roma if we just want a case or two.

Thanks. We use them in one of our stores and I didn’t think they were still available. Salesman must be making things up

Your specific Roma house may not carry them, Orlando does. If yours does not, call northern pizza equipment.